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Thyroid, Guess What, I’m Winning, Not You

Post Published: 05 April 2012
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid,

Well hello – I had no idea you and I were going to become so close…

To be honest, you were a bit of a relief – I couldn’t understand why I had been feeling so tired, so tired that I didn’t dare sit down in case I fell asleep and missed the school run. I felt so cold – that I had to keep the hot water on all day – so I could soak two or three times in a scalding bath just to feel warm.

Skin so dry that in my sleep I could literally rip my legs to shreds with the constant gnawing of itchiness.

A strange, dull ache in my abdomen that made me believe that something truly sinister was going on.

So, when you finally made yourself known – via a Consultants ‘hunch’ of a blood test – well, I thought ‘it could be a lot worse’.

So thyroid, ten months on, a few adjustments to your daily requirements (Levothyroxine) – I have to say, hand on heart, it’s ok. Oh, sometimes you let me know you’re there – when fatigue threatens to win me over but you know, in the main, I’m ok.

I’m not prepared to let you dictate the rules – so I carry on my routine, pushing myself further, faster and harder in my sports.

I know I’m one of the lucky ones – and that I have a great consultant who refuses to let any of your nonsense impact too much on my life. I also know that on the days where I’m just not myself or I don’t feel 100% – that tomorrow will bring another day and that chances are, I won’t even think about you.

And that’s ok.




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2 Responses to “Thyroid, Guess What, I’m Winning, Not You”

  1. pamcel says:

    Well done, you keep winning!

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