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From Betrayal to Appreciation and Everything in Between

Post Published: 23 January 2013
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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From Betrayal to Appreciation and Everything in Between

Dear Thyroid,

Why did you betray me?  I did everything that you wanted.  I ate healthy, I exercised religiously, and I gave you enough Iodine (which I don’t really know if I really did, but for the sake of argument let say I did). Oh why, oh why did you betray me?  My betrayal started in 2008.  For years my thyroid hid it’s betrayal behind other cases.  For example: My rapid weight gain, 40 lbs of gain in less than a year to be exact, was blamed on my birth control.  So I went off birth control.  My hair loss, blamed on stress, My depression, blamed on a chemical imbalance.  My poor vision, blamed on one eye overcompensating for the lack of vision in the other.  My brain fog, blamed on ME!  Oh thyroid, how you have hurt me over the years.  In 2010 I finally caught you in your lies.  A small blood test was taken and there were all your lies in that little vile.  It was too late for the truth though.  Your damage had been done, and I don’t think the damage will ever completely stop.

Yes, I have had support over the years from Levothyroixine, but that only helped some of the symptoms. Recently a couple supplements came into my life, like a white knight on a horse, GF Thyroid, TMI Thyroid Metabolism & Iodine that make life bearable.  Adding GF Thyroid & TMI have made my symptoms so much better.  I can actually concentrate at  work and make sense when I talk.  I am losing weight! Not just losing a couple pounds here and there.  Like serious weight loss from eating better and exercise, which before it seemed like I could work out for hours and eat nothing but lettuce and not lose a pound.   Has anyone else used these supplements?!  I got mine from my chiropractor and it has made a huge difference.


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Reader Feedback

9 Responses to “From Betrayal to Appreciation and Everything in Between”

  1. coburngirl says:

    Ugh so true! I wish I could try those supplements but my thyroid was removed in Sept for cancer which brings on a whole NEW set of problems ha! Good luck and Im glad you are feeling better

  2. Marie says:

    I am happy you are feeling better.

  3. Tasha says:

    Thank you for your post. Your story sounds so similar to mine. I am in the process of writing my story down for all to read. Stay strong and thanks for sharing

  4. Thank-you for the support! I think what helped me the most has been two things. 1-LOSING THE WEIGHT! That is huge. I feel like I completely different person. Scratch that, I feel like who I was!!! 2- Seriously, those supplements made a huge difference. TMI & Gf Thyroid! They make my day to day so much better.

  5. Jennifer says:


    Can you take the supplements while taking synthroid? I was just diagnosed and taking 50 mcg a day. I gained 10 lbs in 6 weeks and looking to just be able to lose that weight and be able to run again. I am so frustrated because every day brings something different. I just want to feel normal and like my old self.

    Thanks for your letter. It helps to know I am in good company.

    Hope you are feeling good!

    • Jennifer,

      Yes, you can take them while taking your medication. I am still on my levothyroixine, but I take them as well. I just have noticed it has helped my symptoms greatly. The weight loss I had to make some BIG adjustments as far as watching gluten, dairy, and cutting all the “junk” out in general. I exercise almost every day. Mostly running & weights. This thyroid thing is tricky, but if you have any other questions I am happy to help. I would start with those supplements though.

  6. Kathleen says:

    Well, just read your post and it struck me that another McGregor has the same problem as I do…
    I have been diagnosed with this problem since 2008 and now just started to be off the gluten because of course I wasn’t feeling my 100%. My weight gain as been maintaining itself and cannot take it off. I am at least 35-40 lbs heavier than I should, you think I could shed it off…No regular eating no exercise can make this weight disappear…The roller coaster ride that I have been going since then is almost sickening! I know there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    • Hang in there! You will figure it out. I would have your levels checked again. When I got mine in balance it made losing the weight a lot easier. As far as the rest of the symptoms that is where I believe the supplements have made a difference.

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