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Dear Thyroid, Thanks to you, I am Annoyed!

Post Published: 19 July 2013
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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dear thyroid, thanks to you, i am annoyed

Hi thyroid yes it’s me.

The unhappy one who thought that cold and swollen legs and feet were the only symptoms I would have to deal with. Yes that is what I thought until I was put on a T4 med. You are the reason why I am hypothyroid. I have Hashimotos thyroiditis and was diagnosed in 2008 when I was just 23.

I now deal with weight gain thanks to you and the meds, too. I did lose some weight, only to find out that I put the pounds back on and maybe a little more. I am working hard to get rid of the extra pounds but I’m not really sure if they are leaving or if they are staying.

I have encountered other symptoms like not getting my period for a month, only for it to surprise me when I least expect it and for my muscles to be tired when I didn’t do anything, but after I get a massage or do some yoga my muscles are back to feeling normal again.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure last year and I really believe you are the reason behind that as well.

I went through a period of still being hungry even after I had already eaten. What is the matter with you?

Some members of my family were in shock when I still wanted more to eat!

I am annoyed that you would even think about increasing my appetite. When I am trying to get some weight off not put any more on! I’m glad I found out that you are also the reason behind that to. Now if you would let me lose some weight I would be happy. I guess that won’t happen because after all you are my thyroid and you can do to me whatever you want whenever you want, but I won’t let you stop
me from doing what I want when I want.

Thyroid? The battle is on!


(BIO) I am 27 years old. I was diagnosed in 2008 I like connecting with others to learn and share information. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook.

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6 Responses to “Dear Thyroid, Thanks to you, I am Annoyed!”

  1. Bridget Chavez says:

    Hi I too was diagnosed with hashitmoto’s thyroiditis in my early 20’s just from getting a physical done. then soon after they sent me to endocrinologist to get an ultra sound they ended up finding a nodule they didn’t know if it was cancerous or not so they decided that I should have surgery & they removed my whole thyroid. I was a little nervous but after they removed it they found it had a tiny bit of cancer. After that I was thankful that God allowed me to have the surgery. I never thought anything was wrong with me besides always being tired, I thought I was tired because i had two little ones. After having my thyroid removed I was put on levothyroxine (synthroid). It is hard some days I’m extremely exhausted there are days i feel like I’m tired for no reason sometimes! my hair is always dry & I too have put on extra weight, headaches, always getting cold… list can go on lol. It’s really annoying especially because I’m still young! Whenever I think about all these things I just have to step back & think I just need to take each day one at a time & continue to thank & ask God to give me strength. Only he knows how much I can handle. It’s hard but i just need to remember my scar on my neck is symbol & reminder that shows me everyday that the Lord gives me strength to keep going. If I didn’t have my surgery that cancer would of spread & it could of been worst. It’s nice to read other people’s stories because you get to see others can relate & understand how you feel.

    • Lorrie says:

      Bridget.. you should talk to your dr about getting on Armour Thyroid Meds. I too had my thyroid out and was suffering the same symptoms as you. I still have days like that but not as many and I feel a lot better on Armour than when I was on Synthroid (levothyroxine). Being cold all the time is an indication your meds are not right.

  2. golfwidow says:

    I wrote this about a year and a half ago: it’s what it’s like to be hypothyroid but not find out till your 40s that it’s Hashimoto’s. http://golfwidow.net/2012/01/18/stuck-in-the-middle/

  3. Quin Browne says:

    Ah, the thyroid!! ThyCa survivor here. ThyCa–the ‘good’ cancer! Who in their right mind calls ANY cancer a ‘good’ cancer? Full TT in 2006, two rounds of RAI, dozens of med changes, clothes from an 8-16, lost half my hair, currently being checked out for possible lung problems.

    I feel your irritation. I call the thyroid the little gland that can.

    Good luck in the fight!

  4. Ruth Feldman says:

    I am envious of people who were diagnosed in their 20’s. I developed a swollen area in my throat at age 25. Went to a doctor who thought it was an Adam’s apple and gave me a large injection of estrogen. That only gave me heavy periods. The next doctor only took my blood pressure, didn’t examine the lump, and stated, “Well it can’t be your thyroid. Your blood pressure is OK.” Then he dismissed me. After becoming weaker and more tired for 20 years with my memory deteriorating, a retired nurse suggested I get my thyroid tested. I had to argue with the doctor about the testing as she just wanted to know how my personal life was, instead. It turned out that my thyroid was only 10% active. Age 45 I finally got some T4. I had to fight for years to obtain sufficient thyroid, as the docs kept lowering the dose till I had dementia and tendinitis on low doses. They worship the TSH test; they seem lazy as well as poorly informed. I discovered that most doctors know very little about the thyroid. For example, the hypothalamus tests the plasma for thyroid hormone; if the blood is low on thyroid, the hypothalamus sends out TRH to the pituitary to tell it to make TSH. This is called the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid feedback loop. I literally make no TSH no matter how low they set my dose. When I asked an Endocrinologist if there could be something wrong with my hypothalamus, she told me that the hypothalamus had nothing to do with TSH! Sometimes one or more pituitary functions are damaged; this could cause low or no TSH. I am happy about Stop The Thyroid Madness because it keeps patients informed…since many doctors are not. We must all stay informed.

  5. Amy Canfield says:

    I am sooo happy I found this website! I have been living with hypothyroidism since I was diagnosed at age 9. I was off my meds for years thanks to military doctors saying my levels were fine… Nope.. My levels were sooo out of wack, my doctor in Pennysylvania was shocked I was able to even stay awake. And the fact that my weight gain was so up and down. I was put back on meds and was doing great.. Then the divorce hit, bye bye benefits… Hello $$$$ meds and $$$ private insurance. I dropped it. Needless to say my stupid self finally got back on meds 3 months ago.. My new GP put me on Synthroid 100mg… Two weeks in… Hello swollen legs,feet and ankles. I went down to 50mg a day.. Swelling went down a little but still freaking here…. So last Wednesday I stopped taking it. I think my GP thinks I am insane. But I never had swelling like this, but I also have never been on synthroid, usually levoxyl. Already have had an echocardiogram, ultrasound, and next a cat scan.. Needless to say I am looking for any help. I am trying to start a healthy lifestyle, but very hard to walk/run with swollen legs.. Please feel free to email me or Facebook me.

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