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At 17, I Have More Moxie Than My Thyroid

Post Published: 07 January 2014
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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at 17 i have more moxie than my thyroid

My Dearest Thyroid,
Sometimes I just get fed up with you. You have made me lose half of my hearing. You make me hurt all over my body, those aches and pains an old person would complain of. You give me fears and tears. You give me frequent infections, causing people to think I’m just “faking” it. You make me unable to lose a lot of weight, no matter how hard I try. You make me so extraordinarily tired, to the point where I can’t go out at night with all my other high school friends. You make my periods unbearably painful.  
You have made it hard for me to learn the “normal” way at school. 
But even though you do all this awful stuff to me, and attack my body from inside, I thank you because I would NOT be the person I am today without having to deal with this. I am 150% determined and I will always fight past the finish line. If I didn’t have to find the strength to put my thyroid behind me, I wouldn’t be half as determined. 
BIO: I’m a 17 year old, high school student. I was properly diagnosed with hypothyroidism in December of 2010. Although it has given me many complications it could be worse, and I’m on this planet to make it a better place so that’s exactly what I plan to do! 
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3 Responses to “At 17, I Have More Moxie Than My Thyroid”

  1. Joanna M says:

    Go, G! Keep persevering!

  2. Victoria says:

    You are such an inspiration G-Dawg. Keep being the person you are. Stay strong and live life to to your potential!

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