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March 9, 2014 Dear Thyroid Bracelets Update

Post Published: 08 March 2014
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Thyroid Awareness bracelets and bands, Dear Thyroid

First, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone’s patience, support and, well, patience, patience, patience, patience. I could not be more grateful to you for that. I know this has been a frustrating process over the past few months. I am proud to say that all of that is changing.

Second, I have 300 bracelets in my possession and 300 more coming. We will keep replenishing. I want to get these out to folks. I am so proud of you for proudly wearing your disease on your sleeve and being INVISIBLE NO MORE! Your courage is stupendous.

Third, please send SASE’s for bracelets to a NEW ADDRESS: 145 S. Elm Dr. #2, BH, CA 90212. Please make sure that you add the correct postage. Because we accept no revenue, unfortunately, we can’t make up the difference.

Fourth, I am ready to start sending bracelets and I sure hope that

you are ready to receive them and proudly wear them.

PS: We’d love a picture of you with your bracelet with the hash-tag #InvisibleNoMore on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If you have any questions, please email me, Katie Schwartz (dearthyroid (at) gmail (dot) com)

A million thank you’s for your patience!


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13 Responses to “March 9, 2014 Dear Thyroid Bracelets Update”

  1. Stefanie says:

    Can you tell us how much postage is needed for a bracelet?
    I want one really bad. Thank you.

    • Dear Thyroid says:

      Hi Stefanie–

      I have no idea how much postage is. If you go to USPS, if you’re in the United States and ask them how many stamps you need to send a letter sized envelope from your state/city to Los Angeles, California, they will tell you!


  2. joanne arnswald says:

    I would like to have one I have hyper thyroid

    • Dear Thyroid says:

      Hi Joanne-

      I’m very sorry to hear that you have thyroid problems. You’ve come to the write place. People with thyroid conditions, autoimmune diseases and cancer write love and hate letters to their thyroids. We also have lots of columns, an active Facebook community and we’re here to support you.

      If you’d like a bracelet, please send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to the address above.


  3. I have thyroid problems

  4. Kathy Day says:

    I have Hypothyroid and am over what we have to deal with and telling people why we are the way we are and sick of explaining to people why you feel the way we do. Thanks Kathy

  5. Melonie Shuma says:

    I mailed your 7 envelope and 7 paid envelope inside each of them and they are coming back to me. You are sending them back to me and I paid for all 7 to be mailed to your address. I’m not mailing these again. Are you a scam ? You give a address but is it really real.. I wanted these bracelet’s for my family to wear for me.

    • Dear Thyroid says:

      Hi Melonie-

      Every letter I have received and do receive, I immediately send out with bracelets. THIS IS NOT A SCAM. I gave you a real mailing address. This address is VERY REAL. A lot of people have received their bracelets who have sent SASEs to me.


  6. Becky says:

    Hi im in the UK would you still send me one if i send the right amount of postage stamps?

  7. Marie says:

    Do you still have bracelets?

  8. Marie says:

    Oh and Does it cost anything else besides the self addressed envelopes?

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