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WTF, Thyroid?!

Post Published: 01 April 2014
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WTF, Thyroid?!

Dear Thyroid,

You sure are a real monkey-wrench. What I really mean to say is for lack of better terms and tact; fuck you. Until I scarily got diagnosed with the fact that you were hypo, my life was at an all time flying high epic awesome ride. I got married, I started a career and then you rained on my parade and kicked my personal drummer, whose beat I really enjoyed dancing to, in the friggen balls. You jerk.

Me and my body were best friends, we loved each other. I had always been a health nut and it paid off over years with a 60 pound weight loss that came off at a slow and steady from ages 18-22. Then I enjoyed how I felt for about 4 whole years as I continued to eat healthy.
Imaging people that get to feel well for a lifetime I feel pretty gypped. you swooped in in September of 2013 and was all like. “hey

girl, you seem to be really happy, let me fuck this right up for you”. I’m imagining this, obviously, but if my thyroid could talk I really think that’s what it said.

Then, while I still maintained a healthy balanced diet I gained about 25 pounds. 25 POUNDS WTF THYROID, WHY. My sleep schedule continued to suffer with sleeping viagrageneriquefr24.com in shifts 4-8 then again 10-5 but was still dead tired. Then my doctors started trying to fix you with medication and said weight should start to come off but you were still all nay, nay. I find that yes I am awake more, I have rashes on my arms from I don’t know what and I still am 25 pounds over weight despite exercising more and eating less.

So now, here I am 26 years old, uncomfortable in my own skin, unable to sleep comfortably, missing my sex drive, angry all the time, and desperately considering taking up an eating disorder(jokingly) so I can look and feel healthy again. Thanks a bunch thyroid, you really know how to do a girl a solid.


Bio: I am a 26 year old female recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I live in California but am a transplant from NY. Please excuse my lack of stellar grammar and punctuation as it is difficult when my emotions are so negative towards this organ in my body. I can be found here.  I am actively enthusiastic about healthy whole unprocessed foods and fitness. I currently run 7.5 miles a week and still-no joy along with eating a 500-700 calorie/day deficit with no joy.
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3 Responses to “WTF, Thyroid?!”

  1. Christina says:

    Hi, I am the woman in the letter above, since writing this about 2 months ago I have had some joy.. about a pound or 2. I feel like I have a physician who doesn’t listen and plan to see him tomorrow armed with some clinical studies on NDT/DTE even though its been used for longer than synthroid, T3 and other things. Wish me luck.

  2. Kellie Barr says:

    To Christina…you go girl!!!! Much love and blessings sent your way.

    To Christina’s Thyroid…FxxK you!!!

  3. Christina says:

    This comment is for Kellie, I wanted you to know I got to see a good doctor and am on NDT! It has also been a few months and life is so much better now. I am able to work out so much more than I was before and I have made so much progress, still chasing normal, but now I have it by its coattails!

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