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Thyroid, Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Post Published: 09 February 2015
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thyroid, anything you can do i can do better
Dear Thyroid,

Don’t pull any more funny stuff on me now. I got into nursing school, so now you try and ici play games with me, huh? Falling asleep on the floor in class for no reason, rage attacks, dizzy spells, “Screw Life” moments, puking.

NOPE not going to happen.

I will go to nursing school whether you decide to get your shit together or not. I will be a nurse. I will help babies, kids, teenagers, and adults. I will help them fight with every bone in there body. I want to help them and make sure they don’t give up.

I always apologize when I’m really sick, and I am so over it, I am so over apologizing on your behalf.

Lucky for me I have one friend who just always helps me pull through. No matter how obnoxious I am being. I get tired of myself before he gets tired of me. Well, at least he does a pretty damn good job of not showing it. He hasn’t left my side, even when you give me crap. Sometimes I think “Why the hell would he still be friends with me, I am moody, tiring, boring, high maintenance etc. ” Then I step back a minute and remind myself I am not those, you are.

You make me moody, tiring,boring, and high maintenance.  I use you as my motivation. I try more than anything in the world, to make this universe a better place to live in. I don’t and will never let you stop me, because I am better than you.

My message to whoever is fighting: KEEP GOING. It is so hard, I know. It will make you a better person if you use it the right way. Kick your thyroid’s to the curb, but keep the hormones!

Love you and Hate you,

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