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Monday September 17th 2018


Life Redefined FAQ

Who is Joanna Isbill and what is Life Redefined all about?

  • Joanna is a graduate student who was plugging away at school and life when cancer decided to rear its ugly head. Joanna was diagnosed in October 2008 and has been fighting ever since. During the course of her journey, she has realized that life is no longer the same as it was pre-diagnosis. Life Redefined is a column written from Joanna’s point of view about her experience with cancer, what she’s been through, how she’s changed, and what she’s learned.

I don’t have cancer now and I’ve never had cancer before. Is Life Redefined still relevant to me?

  • YES! One of the goals of Life Redefined is to provide education and insight to those who do not have thyroid cancer, to teach you what we go through and to teach you how to interact with us. Because let’s face it, lots of people don’t know what to say to somebody with cancer. Joanna used to be one of those people.

When is Life Redefined published?

  • Twice a month on Tuesdays

Can Joanna provide medical advice on how to treat my cancer?

  • Joanna is not a doctor. She has never been to medical school, nor does not plan on going to medical school. Joanna is more than happy to share what treatments have worked for her, but you should talk with your doctor about determining what the best treatment plan is for you. (And if your doctor won’t work with you on this, find a new doctor!) Everybody deals with cancer differently. There is not a “one size fits all” plan.

How can I get in touch with Joanna?

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