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Saturday February 24th 2018


New To Dear Thyroid?

Welcome to Dear Thyroid! We are a lively, highly interactive support community and literary brand. We are so excited to MEET YOU!

“Dear Thyroid™ is changing the way we talk about thyroid disease and cancer. We are starting a new conversation using YOUR words. We are a new voice. We are making this disease sexy. We are changing the face of thyroid disease and we want you in on the action.” — Joanna Isbill

What Dear Thyroid Can do for YOU:

  1. 99% of our website is written BY THYROID PATIENTS, for thyroid patients.
  2. Write and submit a Dear Thyroid Letter via email. We publish each letter on DearThyroid.org. Share your story, in your words, with us. We all connect in comments, for support, to learn more about each other and share resources.
  3. Visit our homepage to read the LATEST DEAR THYROID LETTERS.
  4. Become a Member of Dear Thyroid and connect with other patients for additional support.
  5. Make new friends by checking the Member Directory. Browse profiles and ‘click’ to ‘friend request’
  6. Share your Dear Thyroid profile with friends (http://dearthyroid.org/name)
  7. Visit the Activity Board to connect with other patients, and check out questions we post for you to answer, and connect with EVEN more thyroid patients.
  8. Participate in Dear Thyroid Contests. We host a number of literary contests designed to bolster self-esteem, relieve stress and share symptoms/side-effects and frustrations we thyroid patients endure.
  9. Participate in Literary Healings. Dear Thyroid poses a set of questions based on a topic (medical expenses, life changes, overcoming body image issues, and more).
  10. Become a Thymentor.
  11. Participate in Healing Arts.
  12. Participate in Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.
  13. Sign up for Offline Thyroid Support in your city and meet other Dear Thyroid community members.
  14. At the end of each day, we post “Comments of the Day“. This is a great wrap up of the day’s events and offers the latest news and upcoming changes to Dear Thyroid. Often, we include a special note. Additionally, YOUR COMMENT might be chosen.

Thyroid Resources:

  1. Resources is a great place to begin your search for additional thyroid related resources.
  2. Thyroid Cancer Resources
  3. Autoimmune Resources
  4. Books and Advocacy
  5. Alternative Resources
  6. Chronic Illness Resources
  7. Thyroid Resources

Awareness and Advocacy, what you can do to spread awareness, advocate for thyroid patients, and more.

  1. Find out what YOU can do to get involved in the thyroid awareness movement today!
  2. Volunteer

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