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Wednesday June 26th 2019


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Thyrants And Thyraves: And How Do You Feel About Your Doctor?!

Thyrants And Thyraves: <i>And How Do You Feel About Your Doctor?!</i>

Today, we have a very special Thyrants post! Not only did you rant your beautiful hearts out; we also asked you to complete a sentence with respect to what you'd like to say to your [Read] | 18 responses.

Thyrants And Thyraves: With A Twist

Thyrants And Thyraves: <i>With A Twist</i>

This week's Thyrants and Thyraves come with a twist. The twist is... Providing resources and lending support to our fellow community. As well as reading each other's rants and raves, [Read] | 14 responses.

Thyrants: April 10, 2010

Thyrants: <i>April 10, 2010</i>

Been 11 years since I had a thyroid, and boy howdy do I miss it!!!! This synthroid thing sure doesn't cut it! I just want to be myself again, although I know that is an impossible dream. [Read] | no responses.

Thyrants… Are Baaaaaaaack

Thyrants… <i>Are Baaaaaaaack</i>

Ms. N. Depression GO AWAY! LOL Does anyone else battle with this from day to day? Ms. K. Most days, trying to overcome the battle of depression. Looking for the half full glass, some [Read] | no responses.

Thyrants Will Be Posted Next Week and Going Forward: Anonymously And Every Saturday

Thyrants Will Be Posted Next Week and Going Forward: Anonymously And Every Saturday

Good morning Thyietnam! How are you glanding on this fine AM? We wanted to let you know that we've arrived at a decision, thanks to your thyilliance and input. Thyrants will continue [Read] | 4 responses.

Thyrants, Thyrants?!

Thyrants, <i>Thyrants?!</i>

We have been publishing Thyrants (thyroid-rants), highs and lows, on Dear Thyroid since inception. We rant on Facebook, via email and Twitter, and all of it is fabulous and wonderful. [Read] | 31 responses.

Thyrants March 8-12

Thyrants <i>March 8-12</i>

Doctors, endocrinologists, integrative specialists, only those that don't work with their patients; wake up! Your patients are more than the sum of their numbers. Regardless of what they [Read] | 3 responses.

Thyrants March 1-6 Thyroid Patient Laments

Thyrants March 1-6 <i>Thyroid Patient Laments</i>

ABluePearl #ThyRant! what the HELL is up with the itchy, flaky scalp?! I'm SURE it must look like a plowed field from all the scratching! Marya Leaich Many times when I come here, I [Read] | 5 responses.

Thyrants February 22-27 Thyroid Patient Rants And Why Not

Thyrants February 22-27 <i>Thyroid Patient Rants</i> And Why Not

Check out these fabulous patient rants, all great; some sad, angry and funny, always honest. Care to share yours? Post in comments. We also publish Thyrants every Saturday [Read] | one response.

Thyrants February 15-20th

Thyrants February 15-20th

TWITTER thy_r88gous Best: My son went 2 his 1st dance. Worst: I didn't go because TED makes me look like a monster.;( cherylarizona Life. Everything. Ugh. thy_r88gous HOW N THE [Read] | 7 responses.

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