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Marco Thylo February Searches: Back Ordered Blood For Reals

Marco Thylo <i>February Searches</i>: <b>Back Ordered Blood</b> For Reals

Marco Thylo is a thyroid humor column based on the searches Dear Thyroid came up on for the previous month, written by,  Joanna Isbill and Katie Schwartz. We do fly in some news at the [Read] | 3 responses.

Marco Thylo… Is Back!

Marco Thylo… <i>Is Back!</i>

Thanks to Joanna Isbill, we're bringing Marco Thylo back; our thyroid humor column. The name “Marco Thylo" was coined by @HypoGirl. On the first Saturday of every month, Joanna [Read] | 11 responses.

The Human Condition Or Is That The Human Thydition

The Human Condition Or Is That <i>The Human Thydition</i>

http://thyroid.about.com/od/thyroidbasicsthyroid101/ss/top-thyroid-stories-2000-2009.htm Beth Orton is a beloved singer of mine. One of my favorite songs that she wrote is called [Read] | 14 responses.

Marco Thylo Thygiving And Glanding Along, Let’s Dish!

Marco Thylo <i>Thygiving And Glanding Along</i>, Let’s Dish!

To our American readers, Happy Thygiving. may your thyroids gland calmly in the canyon today. Before we get started, that sounds so seminaree, please pardon the rather jacked font [Read] | 6 responses.

Marco Thylo Are You Thytarded?

Marco Thylo <i>Are You Thytarded</i>?

Recently, it occurred to me just how many parallels there are in our "real" lives that intersect our diseases. For example, we've been having issues with our .org email addresses. I [Read] | 13 responses.

Marco Thylo Change In The Gland Canyon

Marco Thylo <i>Change In The Gland Canyon</i>

Speaking for myself, embracing change is difficult. Oh, who the fuck am I kidding, it's impossible, especially if change is forced upon me; than I can be a no-joke snatch-stick on [Read] | 8 responses.

Marco Thylo The Winner of the Scary Endo Yarn Is

Marco Thylo The Winner of the Scary Endo Yarn Is

As you know, last week we decided to run the scariest endo yarn contest. Instead of voting, which we usually do, because my dad came up with the "Lightbulb" contest and he's such an [Read] | 6 responses.

The Winner of the Lightbulb Marco Thylo Contest Is…

The Winner of the Lightbulb Marco Thylo Contest Is…

Halloween is upon us. I happen to love Halloween. Because I have Graves' Opthalmopathy and I'm a sphere on mini-stilts (5'4), I am a walking costume. I can go to parties, if I choose to, [Read] | 32 responses.

Marco Thylo Entries for the Lightbulb Win a T-Shirt Contest

Marco Thylo Entries for the Lightbulb Win a T-Shirt Contest

When I wrote last week's Marco Thylo, I was riding the snatch express, venting, lamenting and ranting my guts out. After reading everyone's entries (punch lines) to the question, How [Read] | 33 responses.

Marco Thylo Chugga-Chugga-Choo-Choo

Marco Thylo Chugga-Chugga-Choo-Choo

Before we begin, I should tell you that I boarded the Snatch Express about a week ago. Oh, that's a lie -- more like a month ago. Anyhoodle, I was able to hop on at the intersection [Read] | 17 responses.

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