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Wednesday February 26th 2020


Dear Thyroid Letters

A Thyroid Story

What if you could rewrite your story? How would you tell it? How would you do it over? What changes would you make? What have you learned? What was taken from you that [Read]

I Need a Thyroid Hostage Negotiator ASAP, Please

Dear Thyroid, Kindly stop holding on to me. I know our relationship has been rocky-from the very start, and that pesky Hashimoto's came between us causing trouble, but I believe that [Read]

You Ain’t so Smart, Thyroid

Don't even think for a second that you are going to get me - to bring me down. You won't win. I'm stronger and no matter what it is that you think you can throw at me - cancer, [Read]

Diagnosed with Enlarged Thyroid at Age 9

Dear Gigantic Oversize Massive Tumor infested Thyroid, I first met you when I was 9 years old. I was the youngest patient with an enlarged thyroid my doctor had ever seen. I was [Read]

Hashimoto’s, How Much More of ME do you Expect?

Dear Thyroid, I need you and you have let me down!! You have made me sicker then I have ever new was possible… You have compromised my health, my life, my sole and my mind… I have [Read]

If Only I was Struck In A Day

I woke up one mornin' with an anchor on my head and a blurrin' I was slurring my speech, like a drunk, 'cept I'll give up on talking. It's not funny, it's boring. Where am I [Read]

I’m a Young Adult, Just Graduated, Why Do I Have Thyroid Cancer?

Dear Thyroid, Thyroid, did you know that i kinda hate you a little bit? well I don't even have you after a total thyroidectomy/left neck dissection in September of 2011, but you know [Read]

Thyroid, You are Sucking the Life out of Me and I Don’t Know How Much More I Can Take

Dear Thyroid, I miss you. I don’t blame you for this hell I am in, I blame the mean ‘ol immune system that attacked you! I know you fought back and tried to defend me, I know [Read]

Thyroid, Guess What, I’m Winning, Not You

Dear Thyroid, Well hello - I had no idea you and I were going to become so close... To be honest, you were a bit of a relief - I couldn't understand why I had been feeling so [Read]

Hashimoto’s, I Win!

Dear Thyroid, This past holiday has marked one year since my diagnosis of Hashimoto's/ Hypo.  I live a happy life despite you; I push to pretend that you don't even exist! [Read]

Dear Thyroid Columns

Introducing the THYROID APP by, Mary Shomon and My Med Lab!

  We love Mary Shomon so much! Together with My Med Lab, they have created a THYROID APP, which is ready for our use. Please check out this awesome post from Mary and find out [Read]

Chronic Snarkopolist: How to Create Safe Space (& Beauty) During Chronic Illness

Hello my loves! I have missed you! Recently I presented at a conference about being a caretaker. While I was there I was also able to listen to panels and take in many ideas that [Read]

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Sign up Today for a Teleseminar with Mary Shomon

This outstanding workshop and teleseminar begins tomorrow with thyroid patient advocate and bestselling author, Mary Shomon. Sign up today!   Thyroid patient advocate and [Read]

Announcing the Winner of the I Heart Guts Win A Plushie Thyroid Contest

Congratulations to SAM for winning the I Heart Guts plushie thyroid! Everyone submitted such beautiful, gut-wrenching, funny and clever acrostic poems. Please keep those cards and [Read]

Meet-ups & Guest Bloggers

New York City Dear Thyroid Meet Up – Who is in?

My name is Catrina. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and nodules near the thyroid August of 2011.  At the age of 24 I was just like any other 20 something year old...I love to shop, [Read]

Super Sunday’s

Super Sunday's are here!! The goal is to make every third Sunday of the month a Meet Up day!! This way if you can't make it one month, you know another Meet Up is just around the corner! [Read]