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Sunday September 23rd 2018


Dear Thyroid Letters

I’ve Kept This Under Lock and Key in My Soul

Dear Thyroid; I have hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed in 2006. But let's turn the calendar back to 1999. Up until that point, I had been a normal, healthy, if obese, 17 year old girl [Read]

My Anniversary

Dear Thyroid; Hard to believe it's been two years. Two years since I drove myself to the hospital. Two years since I was alone and scared, sitting and waiting for them to take me [Read]

I Kind of Hate You

Dear Thyroid, I'm not even sure you are still alive, but I feel that I must try to speak to you. It's been 17 long years, and it's crazy to keep this grudge going. We were so close [Read]

I’m Sorry And I Miss You

Dear Thyroid I feel bad, like it's all my fault, you know, that you had to leave. Back when I was in Jr. High and High School I virtually pushed you over the edge with all that [Read]

The Shame

Dear Thyroid; Thanks for your time, I appreciate it. I have written you so many hate letters in the past 6 years. The first three years, I was writing to something that was [Read]

Dear Thyroid Columns

Thyroid Disease Documentary: SICK TO DEATH!

Dear Thyroid Community, A documentary is being made about Thyroid Disease!  Directed by Maggie Hadleigh-West, Sick to Death!  seeks to break the silence around the suffering that [Read]

Los Angeles, CA Newly Diagnosed or Treated Thyroid Cancer Patients, Please Participate

Dear Thyroid Community- A truly wonderful opportunity has come to pass. The shoot date is this Saturday 8/9, so I know it's short notice. However, the show "THE DAILY HELPLINE" is [Read]

Join the Discussion

March 9, 2014 Dear Thyroid Bracelets Update

First, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone's patience, support and, well, patience, patience, patience, patience. I could not be more grateful to you for that. I know this has been a [Read]

Announcing the Winner of the I Heart Guts Win A Plushie Thyroid Contest

Congratulations to SAM for winning the I Heart Guts plushie thyroid! Everyone submitted such beautiful, gut-wrenching, funny and clever acrostic poems. Please keep those cards and [Read]

Meet-ups & Guest Bloggers

New York City Dear Thyroid Meet Up – Who is in?

My name is Catrina. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and nodules near the thyroid August of 2011.  At the age of 24 I was just like any other 20 something year old...I love to shop, [Read]

Super Sunday’s

Super Sunday's are here!! The goal is to make every third Sunday of the month a Meet Up day!! This way if you can't make it one month, you know another Meet Up is just around the corner! [Read]