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Saturday June 15th 2019


Dear Thyroid Letters

Eleventh Entry: Thyroid Literary Contest – Three Words of Encouragement

"Will Fight For Myself" In today's Western medicine I have learned since my RAI treatment of my thyroid, that not only have they destroyed my thyroid, but pretty much destroyed my [Read]

The FDA and Thyroid Medication Can Stick it Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Went in today to pick up my medication and once again another thyroid medication is denied by my medicare insurance Armour. The Pharmacist stated that the medication was no longer [Read]

Spinning out of Control

Dear Thyroid, You have really taken a toll on my life. I had to lose the job that was perfect for me because of you. I'm constantly in pain, have lost my hair and put on a lot of [Read]

Acrostic Poetry for Thyroid Awareness Month

Check Your Neck   Could be that thyroid, causing you jip Hyper or Hypo, up and down dip Energy levels that feel so depleted Crying for no reason, feeling [Read]

It Ain’t She-Hormones

Dear Thyroid, You waited until I was going through “the change” to confuse and hurt me.  It was always my, she-hormones that were to blame.  No, it was never, ever you, since [Read]

The End of the Line


Graves Eye Disease: Thyroid Awareness Month Photo Essay

  When I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism one thing I noticed was that I wasn't taking many photos, not only was I not taking many, I didn't care if I ever [Read]

Thyroid, Don’t You Take My Man Away From Me

Dear Thyroid, Please, I beg you...PLEASE don't screw this up again! I've met an angel, and you've been behaving, but what if you act up?? This man is a dream, and you could ruin [Read]

Maybe Old Burn-Out or Old Pain in the Arse, Or

Dear Thyroid A very good morning to you Thyroid – I feel I should give you a name. Plain old Thyroid does not do you nearly enough justice. But what should it be? Tarquin, Timothy, [Read]

The Best Thing I Never Had

Listening to Beyonce belt these lyrics out in this song would make one typically think of a relationship gone wrong. However this song reminds me of a gland most people do not think [Read]

Dear Thyroid Columns

Introducing the THYROID APP by, Mary Shomon and My Med Lab!

  We love Mary Shomon so much! Together with My Med Lab, they have created a THYROID APP, which is ready for our use. Please check out this awesome post from Mary and find out [Read]

Chronic Snarkopolist: How to Create Safe Space (& Beauty) During Chronic Illness

Hello my loves! I have missed you! Recently I presented at a conference about being a caretaker. While I was there I was also able to listen to panels and take in many ideas that [Read]

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Sign up Today for a Teleseminar with Mary Shomon

This outstanding workshop and teleseminar begins tomorrow with thyroid patient advocate and bestselling author, Mary Shomon. Sign up today!   Thyroid patient advocate and [Read]

Announcing the Winner of the I Heart Guts Win A Plushie Thyroid Contest

Congratulations to SAM for winning the I Heart Guts plushie thyroid! Everyone submitted such beautiful, gut-wrenching, funny and clever acrostic poems. Please keep those cards and [Read]

Meet-ups & Guest Bloggers

New York City Dear Thyroid Meet Up – Who is in?

My name is Catrina. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and nodules near the thyroid August of 2011.  At the age of 24 I was just like any other 20 something year old...I love to shop, [Read]

Super Sunday’s

Super Sunday's are here!! The goal is to make every third Sunday of the month a Meet Up day!! This way if you can't make it one month, you know another Meet Up is just around the corner! [Read]