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Saturday May 5th 2018


Web Partners

Dear Thyroid’s Web Partners

  • Stephen Smith is a customer-service oriented professional with over 14 years of experience in hospitality management leading sales and service (that’s a fancy way of saying that he used to manage restaurants and hotel banquet departments!). Coming from that dynamic environment, Stephen brings high-touch experience to the internet with hands-on coaching and education. Believing that it is more important to teach someone how to fish than to simply give them a fish, you can expect him to teach you how to cast your line into the waters of media properties, and why they are to be cast that way. Learn more at StephenPSmith.com. We are so happy with his exceptional work and grateful that he took us on as a client.
  • Leah Jones, President of Natiiv believes “That you can do all this social media stuff on your own. We aren’t here to do communications for you, but to teach you how to use social media tools in your marketing mix.” She has played an integral role in spearheading Dear Thyroid’s social media’s strategies and endeavors since inception
  • Mark Davidson is a consultant specializing in Micro-Blogging, Social-Web Strategy, and Social Media Marketing: “I’m a product promoter and people are my product.” Mark has not only been a wonderful advocate for Dear Thyroid, he’s also shared his expertise to develop the social marketing components of DearThyroid.org
  • Jeff created the Dear Thyroid Forums. He is a designer, photographer, swim coach and typography nut.

*Image Courtesy of Behance Images

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