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Wednesday February 26th 2020


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Karma’s a Bitch and I Am a Grudge Holder

Karma’s a Bitch and I Am a Grudge Holder

Dear Thyroid, Please excuse me for not getting back to you sooner. I've been busy trying to actually live my life since you decided to throw a monkey wrench into the mix. I've been [Read] | 12 responses.

Fat Thigh-roid Woes: COBRA always has and always will be A SNAKE.

Fat Thigh-roid Woes: <i>COBRA always has and always will be A SNAKE.</i>

My disease got really bad at the worst possible time.  No insurance, no job.  Since I chose to remain in denial about the severity of my symptoms, coupled with the “I’m skinny and [Read] | 19 responses.

Going For The Throat: Confessions of a Health Insurance Neophyte

Going For The Throat: <i>Confessions of a Health Insurance Neophyte</i>

I've had health insurance of one kind or another my whole life.   I'm fortunate for that, and I know it.   But it wasn't until my diagnosis with Hashimoto's disease last June that I [Read] | 25 responses.

Going For The Throat: What Happened To The Health In Health Care

Going For The Throat: <i>What Happened To The <b>Health</b> In Health Care</i>

Written by, Robyn Davis Hahn How did it get so complicated? Health care is a mess.   It's a fucking mess from the ground up.   I'm not talking about HMO, PPO, HSA, employer [Read] | 14 responses.

How Throat It Is

How Throat It Is

Guess what, Thyrodians! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT,  did I spell that correctly? We have a new health care column beginning tomorrow called Going for the Throat, written by Robyn Davis Hahn, [Read] | 2 responses.