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The Winners of the Thyperimenirific Contest Are….

Post Published: 16 October 2009
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A word from Mary Shomon. Drum roll, please…

I’m thrilled to announce that ALL 7 ENTRANTS in our perimenopause/menopause/thyroid contest here at DearThyroid are winners of a copy of my newest book, “The Menopause Thyroid Solution!!!”   I couldn’t possibly choose, so everyone wins!!

The book, which was published in August by HarperCollins, focuses on helping women over 40 achieve hormone balance. “Menopause” is not like an episode of Golden Girls — we’re not talking about a couple of hot flashes for a few weeks in your 50s, and then, poof, periods stop, and it’s all over.

What ACTUALLY happens for most of us is as long as 10 years (yes, I said 10 years) of,   “perimenopause.”,   That’s the time when periods are irregular, weight redistributes, moods change, sex drive goes missing, and hormones are in flux. And this is a time when the thyroid frequently develops new problems — or gets destablized in people with existing thyroid conditions.

That’s why I wrote,  The Menopause Thyroid Solution . It helps women understand whether their symptoms are perimenopause/menopause, thyroid, adrenals or all three. The book then explains how to properly diagnose and treat these hormone imbalances– including natural, dietary, and mind-body approaches to complement the traditional medical treatments.

It’s a one-stop, comprehensive — but easy to understand — look at your hormones after 40.

Congratulations to our 7 terrific winners here, who shared their own tales of hormonal havoc!

We’ll be getting copies of The Menopause Thyroid Solution out to you shortly!

For anyone who is interested in the book, you can find out more by reading a free chapter of The Menopause Thyroid Solution. Don’t forget to download a Risks/Symptoms Checklist that you can fill out and take to the doctor to help determine if you’re dealing with perimenopause/menopause, thyroid imbalances, or both.

Live well,

Mary Shomon

WOW. WOW. WOW. Mary, your generosity is boundless. Thank you so much for gifting each Dear Thyroid Thyperimenigraph written by Dear Thyroidian Dames with,  a copy of your new book.

WINNERS, YOU ROCK, YOU ROLL, YOU RULE AND YOU ARE THYPAUSERIFIC! Check out the entries, each is a gem, funny, smart, irreverent, endearing and flawless.

To receive your WINNING COPY of Mary Shomon’s book, please email your postal address to katie@dearthyroid.com.

PS: Yes, there is a P to the S. Mary Shomon has granted us permission to run the contest again. Let your menopause and perimenopause thygraph juices start flowing. We’ll be announcing the new contest soon.

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7 Responses to “The Winners of the Thyperimenirific Contest Are….”

  1. Robyn says:

    How fantastic and generous! Thank you so much Mary! I had so much fun writing my limerick–and there was some adult beverage involved as well, so it was a little make-fun-of-my-thyroid party!

  2. Kathy says:

    Whee! Thank you so much, Mary, and Katie and Liz.. It’s so exciting, well..it makes me want to…move! (and that’s a big thing these days!) Yay!

  3. Lolly says:

    Congratulations to all the winners, they were all fantastic and it must have been hard to pick just one.
    Mary you are so generous.

  4. dearthyroid says:

    You ladies are all the best and we’re sooooo very glad you all won!!! And thanks also to Mary’s generosity!

  5. Bee says:

    I’m humbled— I feel like I just won an Oscar—-“and now I’d like to thanks my fans, blahblahblah…and I feel privileged to have been nominated with such a fine group of women, yadayadayada…” Seriously, this is GREAT!!!

  6. Cyndi Woodruff says:

    That’s awesome! Thank you for your generosity, Mary!! Just venting about my terribly horrible day made me feel better!
    I love y’all and I love this site. xxxxxooooo

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