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Pembroke, Massachusetts The First Official Dear Thyroid Meet Up

Post Published: 21 November 2009
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As you know, we recently launched Dear Thyroid Meet-ups and Tweet-ups Locally. We believe so hard in the power of offline support. ,  So far, what we (by we, I mean all of us) have created as an online community, in my opinion, is magnificent. We share everything, the effects of our respective diseases and our lives. We don’t judge each other. We feel everything and laugh our asses off along the way. This, in its entirety has and continues to take my wig off (and I don’t wear a wig). Every day, I feel tremendous gratitude for this community and so proud of each one of you. You fucking bring it, yo! You show up and you share yourselves with unbridled candor. YOU’RE MY HEROES.

After our post “Care to Host a Dear Thyroid Meet up” we received many wonderful emails from Thyrellas and Thyfellas eager to host and participate. Hence, “Let The Dear Thyroid Meet Ups — Tweet Ups Games Begin!” We continue to add cities. We must keep this going—offline support locally.

Our first official Dear Thyroid Meet Up was hosted by Lori Caprio Callahan in Pembroke, MA. She met with Natasha. The below is their experience of meeting in person in their words. I was in tears afterwards (happy tears), so you might want to grab some Kleenex.

Dear Thyroid Meet Up Pembroke

Lori Caprio Callahan I am home and it was *FANTASTIK*. Natasha is awesome, a real sweetheart. One hashi and one graves’, what a duo 😉 We hit it off marvelously, of course; we are thysistah’s after all. Diseases so opposite but so alike.

We have about 50 photos of the tabletop trying to figure out how to use the time delay setting on the camera but neither of us was too enthused about our picture being taken. We are both not liking how our disease has affected us physically. (as most of us are) However, I am short and fat and Natasha is *beautiful*. I don’t know what she was talking about.

Actually this month’s flickr photo theme is “symptom”. I think the one picture we did take is perfect for that. Me struggling to get weight off and Natasha strugglign to put it on.

We are going to get together again after the holidays.

This was a small start but it was a start and that’s how all good things are born. We Will Bring Awareness About!!!! Everyone will know what the thyroid gland is and they will know how to check it (like a breast self-exam). Every exam room across the country and beyond will have a poster on their wall of the thyroid and how to check it. We need to find a celebrity spokes person!

I will torture myself and post the picture in a few minutes. 🙂

Natasha Kahn I’m home now. IT WAS SO GREAT!!!! Lori is so lovely (and sells herself very short in the write-up above!)! And Lori – thanks so much for arranging the meet-up – I have to say it was really really really cool to talk thyroids and disease and symptoms with someone who really gets it, ya know? Like we’re not so alone with everything, there’s someone real who’s out there too. The DT community is out there in the internetoshpere but there’s something amazing about meeting in the flesh. I hope this is the start of Boston-area meet-ups to come!!!!

Lori Caprio Callahan Natasha is sooooo right. Talking so “freely” knowing who you’re talking to GETS IT. It’s empowering. That was a first for me and it was wonderful. I’m so choked up my thyroid feels like it’s pulsing in my throat. 🙂

*I’m feeling the love tonight Dear Thyroid*

Natasha Kahn Aw Lori – now that I met you I am so completely going to worry about you!! Your thyroid choking you is a good thing, this time, right!? 🙂

Lori Caprio Callahan Natasha, I’d say it was a “good thing” 🙂 No need to worry about me but I know what you mean; there is a bond there and I’m already worrying about you. But we’re all survivors, that’s why we found this site; we want to live good in spite of this disease and not lay down and let its misery take over.

Are you in tears? Speechless? I am and was.

Let’s do this! Let’s make this happen across the U.S. and abroad. Let’s come together to empower ourselves, and create awareness. I believe in you and in us, as a family. We can turn these meet ups into monthly gatherings that enrich our lives in ways we never dreamed possible, evidenced by Lori and Natasha’s experience.

Email Katie with your city and your email address. I will make sure everyone gets connected and help plan and orchestrate meet ups in any way I can.

Very proud of you, Lori and Natasha—great work.



PS: Thyrants are live for the week — good ranting, dames! Thyventarific.

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8 Responses to “Pembroke, Massachusetts The First Official Dear Thyroid Meet Up”

  1. lori says:

    Wow, the tears just started streaming down my face again. The empowerment of speaking face to face with someone who “gets it”, it’s the icing on the cake to what we have here online @ Dear Thyroid and lightens the burden we carry. It warms your heart and makes it “better”!

    I can’t wait to hear more stories as more people Meet-up/Tweet-up and experience the love we have here in person!

    Hugs to all,

    • dearthyroid says:

      Lori, we are so thrilled that you two had such an amazing experience. We want that kind of connection for all of us. We cannot wait for more and future meet-ups!! This is an awesome community and we have to extend it beyond the computer, as well! 🙂

  2. Lolly says:

    Wow how great that you both got to meet thanks for sharing your experience, I so wish I could meet you all.

    and may I just add you both look thylicious beauticious


    • dearthyroid says:

      Lolly, if you’re ever in the states, you’ve gotta tell us so we can plan a meet-up. And hey, I bet one of these days, someone in your neck of the woods will want to plan one… 🙂

  3. Lori says:

    Thanks Lolly, that’s so sweet of you to say. I wish we could all meet-up somewhere for a long weekend. What a blast that would be!

  4. Lolly says:

    I’ll sure let you know when I’m in the states, I’ll either be in Austen Texas, South Carolina or Lake Tahoe next year.

    A long weekend would be great.

  5. […] power, too. It brings us closer to each other and makes us feel less alone, evidenced by the Pembroke, MA meet up. Please join us. Email Katie@dearthyroid.com and provide me with your location and email address. I […]

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