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Thyrants, November 14 – 21

Post Published: 21 November 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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thyrants november 14 -21


@starshine2105 Feeling like crap because of my thyroid! I don’t think the new medicine’s working! I’m sleeping way too much!

@PoorBritney That graves disease you gave me is a real pain in the neck.

@Yodat Rest of my body feels fantastic, BUT my feet are like sandpaper!

@Yodat I think I gave a thyrant but now I can’t remember.


Robyn Davis Hahn F$&&!%^, sh@&^**%, d$#%^#!

Vicki Harman Fluharty A new endo tells me last week “well, you look healthy,” when I tell him I am tired, losing hair again, and don’t feel well. Something is wrong. Calls me this morning to tell me my Armor dosage is too low… my TSH is up to a 5 from a 1! Damn it, didn’t I say I’m TIRED?!

Lori Caprio Callahan Will I ever have three good days in a row? Damn it, I’m not looking for great days, just a few good ones in a row!

Lori Caprio Callahan If I hear one more time, “you don’t look sick” or the real kicker, “aren’t you better yet?”… And lets not forget the, “I know somebody with a thyroid problem and they are fine”. Then they go on to list all the things this person does. WOW, thank you very much, now I know what to do, you cured me.

I feel like I am going to scream my freakin’ head off next time I hear one of these ignorant dumbass questions. Even if I try explaining, I get the stupidest looks like I’m making them uncomfortable.

And I thought I wasn’t as emotional over this subject as I used to be, hahahaha. I sure fooled myself. (It’s called denial)!

Manda Richardson The other day a family member said “you’ve been through a rough patch haven’t you? — You won’t know yourself when you get better!” I know they were being nice but it just made me realize – everyone is waiting for me to get better, to snap out of it, as though I choose to live this way. How to tell them that my life as I now know it is a rough patch? >SCREEEAAAMMM<

Sarina Favazza-Bray I don’t care if this is a rant or not, but as little as I sleep — oh I lay down alot — but as little as I sleep with insomnia and all the rotten other diseases I have been blessed with: RA, AS, Osteoporosis, Fibro, Lupus, raging hormones, thyroid thing, now this lymph problem. Cannot sleep crap, when I go to bed at 10 I want to stay there till at least 5. It’s 11:45… damn is that too much to ask for? Well hell yes it is, some ass comes down my street and plays his bass in his jacked up juicy mobile and decides I want to hear it boom boom boomimg so my house can shake like the asses there mamma made them, so I try to ignore it, and it won’t go away, so I’m awake all the way now, fixin to wrap a blanket around this freezing body and go go outside and tell these hoodlums a thing or two. Well my son, 30 yrs, come home laughing his ass off at me, carries my ass back to the bedroom and goes and handles it himself, so now that it’s quiet, he comes in lecturing me, nicely and lovingly, knowing I’m still on my meds cause some sane person wouldn’t do what I was just gonna do. But ya know what if he hadn’t come I’d be out there either having a brewsky or shutting them bozo’s down.   So I guess I will try this once again… maybe I will sneak another sleeping pill and hope I can get another some hours in before I have to go the doctors tomorrow.

Chris Prestano I still have friggin’ cancer! Seriously, thyroid listen up, I’ve done everything I can to get rid of you. So get the hint and LEAVE.

Robyn Davis Hahn Why does my motivation and energy seem to tank right about the time that there is a lot to do? The holidays are not looking good. At least I have that comforting buzzing in my ears to keep me company.

Billie Jean Doty Tired of living in this gray fog… tired of my neck hurting… tired of yet another round of labs, same old same old is getting old old!!!

Kathleen Taylor I am SO exhausted! When I try to lie down, inside I feel so antsy and creepy crawly all over. I woke up this morning with those chest heaves and catches you get in your throat after you have been sobbing and crying for a long time. Is that what I did all night? Man oh man, a good cry and I didn’t even get to enjoy it? What the heck is going on? I feel like I am headed for something. stay away thyenemy!

Sarina Favazza-Bray “Cry” is the thought of the day I think. Sorry but I’m right there with ya, I have so many decisions to make before,   I even get on meds, still the radiation for the cancer and am being but off for more testing. Hate it, just get weaker and weaker, Thanksgiving is out — daughter is gonna cook (I hope) but not much appetite but have gained 4 lbs, and I’m so exhausted it amazing since I have insomnia. Actually I hate everything right now. I may buy a turkey just to kick its ass all over the yard.

Lori Caprio Callahan Dear, dear thyroid, we really must try harder to get on the same page, we share the same body so I don’t understand why we can’t seem to make that happen. Every time I think I have you figured out, I don’t! I slept almost 8 hours last night and felt “good” when I got up this morning but you just couldn’t let me have a good day and catch up on my work. It’s taking me 3 days to do one days worth of work for the past two weeks. I thought I was starting to do so good just before that but it wasn’t in the cards. It wasn’t long when I began feeling like my “battery” was losing power and then just died and I could not keep my eyes open.

I was so upset at you I decided I had to give notice. I will never be able to catch up. You have put me in such a deep hole, there is no way out. Maybe I shouldn’t blame you. You are probably trying to tell me I need to get rid of this stress because it is huge and I need to take better care of you so you will be able to take care of me. I think I finally figured out you don’t hate me, you are just trying to tell me something is wrong and you need attention. But that option won’t put bread on the table. Oh ya, I don’t eat bread any more so maybe I can make it work some how. I beg of you thyroid please be good to me for a couple of days so I can figure out what to do about this mess I’m in.

Sarina Favazza-Bray You know I think how rough of a time I am having just dealing with the cancer part of this thyroid nightmare and I haven’t even realized once that is taken care of. Then I have to deal with the up and coming adjustment of the meds, and apparently it isn’t gonna be an easy road for that either oh whoopie…

Regina Cintron Dear thyroid, have you spread your cancerous self to my breast too? Or is it just a side effect of the treatment that was supposed to help me?

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