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Thyoliday Blues And Truths Erin Shea

Post Published: 14 December 2009
Category: hashimoto's patient blog
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If you haven’t met Erin Shea, now would be a mighty fine time to do so. Erin is a fantastic blogger and writer. She also happens to be a Hashimoto’s patient. Her relationship with her disease is as unique is she is, as we all are, of course.

Erin, honestly, and in painstaking detail chronicles how her disease has reshaped her life. She details the ongoing struggles she endures, that each of us endures, trying to fit into our lives as we live side-by-side with a disease we never invited into our lives. Similarly, the battle each of us faces: Do our diseases define us or do we?

Erin goes into great detail about her relationship with food as it pertains to her disease, people’s misconceptions about thyroid disease, and how difficult it is to accept having this disease, and so much more. All of this illuminates how Erin’s life has been impacted by Hashimoto’s on such a personal level.

On that note, I’m going to shut my pie hole and send you on your way to read Erin’s beautiful Thyoliday Blues and Truths Post.

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