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Taking No Thyhostages: Watch Out, Thyroid

Post Published: 23 December 2009
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid,

Who is fragile now?

Today I found this website and it turns out YOU are kicking my ass, you fucker. When you became ginormous and I went to all those doctors’ years ago, they made me feel crazy and stupid and suggested that there is nothing I can do but wait for you to give out and then take medicine.   One endocrinologist suggested I was bi-polar and needed Lipitor and a new shrink. I guess he’s threatened because you and I both noticed that he doesn’t know crap about the endocrine system and that he had a very large glass animal collection on his desk. Maybe he is the fragile one, not me; or just a loser with a glass animal collection.

Meanwhile, my sleep sucks, my weight – don’t get me started – my other hormones are crapping out and whimpering and preventing me from having a baby, my energy level is passive aggressive, and I’m obsessed with my bathroom habits like I’m a two year old. But wait, I’m not! YOU ARE the passive aggressive obsessive tired weirdo, not me.

Fortunately, there are other smarty hot girls out there who are taking no prisoners and motivating me. Today I say goodbye to gluten to see how you like my first punch! Take that!


(Bio) Who is Leslie? She’s a cooking teacher, consultant; let your inner kid out all day long kind of girl. She lives in Brooklyn, loves to read and swim and cook and be yogic and play on-line boggle. Now that she’s got the news to kick out gluten, you can bet she’ll have some kick ass recipes to post soon. No way will she be forced to eat crapola because there’s one protein trying to rampage through her life.

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Reader Feedback

10 Responses to “Taking No Thyhostages: Watch Out, Thyroid”

  1. Jody/yodat says:

    “… and in this corner…. Lesile – A weightless wonder able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”

    *crowd ROARS!!

    I love love love this letter.

  2. amy says:

    Good letter! So sad that all these endos think that people w/ thyroid disease are crazy… We are crazy because our thyroids are out of whack not because we are literally mental! And it is depressing sometimes esp. if we do not know what is going on! Yay for educating ourselves!!!! Awareness is key!
    Blessings Leslie!

  3. Megan says:

    Great letter! I was also told that I needed mental help when my thyroid was really the issue. Why are doctors so quick to diagnose us as depressed when we are not!? So frustrating!

  4. katie says:

    Jody, You summed it up absolutely beautifully. I completely agree. har.

  5. katie says:


    I love what you wrote because it’s so true! Mental disturbances are par the course for hypo and hyper patients. It is so damn frustrating because endo’s seem to chronically forget that.

    Great points!

  6. Robyn says:

    “… just a loser with a glass animal collection.”

    This made me pee my pants just a little!

  7. katie says:


    WOW– PAINFULLY TRUE. I remember being misdiagnosed that way, too. Hi, check our thyroids. OMG.

    Great points, babycakes.

  8. HD inOregon says:

    I like your term “passive aggressive”, I can relate to that!

    Hang in there kiddo! (or should that be “let’s hang some endos by their end toes? …. well, I don’t want to threaten anyone, but a few of the endos could do with a slight toe elongation therapy. LOL)

    Wonderful Holidays to Ya All!

    HD in Oregon

  9. katie says:


    You KILL ME “lET’S HANG SOME ENDOS BY THEIR END TOES”. That is so thyilliant, I’m howling. I agree with you.


    Happy Thyolidays,

  10. Amy B says:

    You go Leslie! Kick some nasty thyroid butt! I’ll be waiting down the street with BBQ when you’re done.

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