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Six Word Thygraphs You Are All Winners

Post Published: 25 February 2010
Category: Going for the Throat, Health Care Column Thyroid Diseases and Thyroid Cancers
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How can you choose a winner out of hundreds of fantastic entries?,   I’m still in awe over the response to the Six Word Thygraph article and contest.   And while it is trite, I do think you are all winners.   We all shared our struggles and triumphs, vented our anger and sadness, poked fun and waxed poetic.   For me, I experienced a little of the same catharsis as when I wrote my Dear Thyroid letter, but it was so much less WORK–the equivalent of a quick and yummy appetizer in lieu of a heavy meal!

I asked Katie, Liz, and my husband Brian (Did you see his entries?,   Not too shabby!) to join me in choosing one favorite each as a semi-finalist.   It took a bit longer than anticipated, frankly because we all had many favorites.   I then let a random generator choose the final winner to keep it all fair and objective.

Here are the highly anticipated semi-finalist Six Word Thygraphs:

Bonnie In OKC

So many thyroids…so little healing…


A tiny Samurai attacks my thyroid


Hitting rock bottom again and again


One little gland jacking me around

And a huge congratulations to….WENDY!,   Wendy, please contact Katie to redeem your prize–a Dear Thyroid T-shirt of your choosing, for you or your Samurai!,   (Or, you can have your Thygraph emblazoned on a shirt for yourself–I’d buy one, too 🙂 ).

Thanks again to everyone–you all are the reason that Dear Thyroid is special!

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Reader Feedback

11 Responses to “Six Word Thygraphs You Are All Winners

  1. amy says:

    Amazing! I am proud of myself for being a semi finalist! Wendy, congrats! It is a very good one! Put it on a shirt…it would be great for awareness! Ah, Thanks everyone!

  2. Bonnie in OKC says:

    Congrats, Wendy!!! Way to go!!

    When I think about it, it does feel kinda like there is a teeny, tiny attacking Samurai waaayyy back there in my throat, and it is jacking me around, making me hit rock bottom, and I wish, oh, how it wish it could be healed!! lol

    I thought all the posts were awesome! All those people out there who identify with each other, and with me. They were all thoughtful, meaningful and some heartbreaking, but of all the ones that I posted myself,(and there were alot…that was very addictive!) I liked that one the best. Thanks,gals!! I feel kinda proud!! 🙂

  3. Amy, congratulations on being a semi-finalist. Your 6-word monograph kicked ass, LOVED IT!

    Thank you for participating. Fear not, my dear, we have lots of cool literary tricks up ourselves in the coming months.


  4. Bonnie – You should be very proud – so should Amy, the other semi-finalists and everyone who participated. EVERYONE’S ENTRIES WERE JUST OUTSTANDING.

    We are so grateful to you for sharing so much of yourselves as always. You rock the world, kid.


  5. Robyn says:

    Hey thanks ladies. I still read through all the posts a couple times a week. What makes me the most happy, though, is how much fun you all had participating!

  6. Great point, Robyn – We all had the best time participating. I was losing myself in the 6-word monograph contest! Truly a fantastically brilliant endeavor. LOVED IT.

  7. quin browne says:

    yay!! all of these were well done… and the top six deserved their place as the top six.

  8. dearthyroid says:

    Everyone did so fantastic. Quinny loved yours. So proud of you and of everyone for kicking 6-word thygraph ass.

  9. Joyce Ann says:

    congratulations Wendy! and I would so buy that if it was on a t-shirt!!!

  10. Lolly says:

    Congratulations Wendy and too everyone who took part alas I didn’t because for once in my life i couldn’t think of anything I know why tired and Hyper dose reduction today.

    I thought they were all great and imaginative welldone.


  11. […] days later, Robyn opened up the idea to her readers in a Six-Word Thygraph contest that resulted in some really amazing six-worders. Robyn recalls, “We had new visitors, first time posters,  and some of our […]

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