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Calling All Thyroid Patients In The UK And The World: Why We Need To Help Dr Sarah Myhill

Post Published: 18 April 2010
Category: Dr. Sarah Myhill Witch hunt
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Written by, Katie Schwartz: As thyroid patients in the UK, the US, and all over the world, speaking up about what’s happening to Dr. Sarah Myhill and the egregious witch hunt to tarnish her reputation, and terminate her practice, is one of the most important things we can do. To begin with, exceptional doctors are a rare commodity. We must fight for them. They fight for us. Moreover, collectively, we send a message we’re united, and if you revoke a good doctor’s license, we will fight back regardless of location.

Written by, Miriam Lipsidge: As a British citizen, I am always very interested in anything to do with the UK. When I read Mary Shomon’s article about Dr. Sarah Myhill in her newsletter regarding one of our renowned UK doctors who,  is being witch hunted by our national health system, the NHS as its known in the UK, and their General Medical Council, the GMC, I was so appalled, I felt compelled to write and publicize this on Dear Thyroid.

This witch hunt for Dr Sarah Myhill is not the first. There have been GMC witch hunts for two other renowned UK doctors, Dr Barry Durrant Peatfield and Dr Gordon Skinner, who, like Dr Sarah Myhill, know how to treat Thyroid conditions as they should be treated.

Scroll down to read articles by Mary Shoman highlighted this in this week’s newsletter. ,  Links to how you can get involved, and the UKs “Thyroid Patients Advocacywebsite, which has been campaigning for all UK Thyroid sufferers, for better treatment. ,  The TPA also has links to this as well.

As for me, I know only too well what its like to be treated for my Thyroid condition under our so called ‘one size fits all’ national health service the NHS. ,  I have had my Thyroid condition for over 30 years, and until 1997 was treated by an endocrinologist at my local hospital. Today, I cannot convince my doctor that I need to be tested for T3 (which can only be done by referral to the hospital, thanks to NHS rulings), as well as TSH/T4.

Back in those days, 1978, the first port of call was your local hospital. ,  There was no Internet to do research (oh how I would have welcomed this website back then). With the advent of the Internet, I can look for good doctors elsewhere. Today, we are more knowledgeable about our thyroid conditions. Finding wonderful caring doctors via the Internet, who know how to treat chronic diseases, like Dr Sarah Myhill. ,  If only I had known of a doctor like her back then, I am sure I would not have suffered then, and been forced to have a partial Thyroidectomy, because the doctors could not control my thyroid with medication. I would have had a better quality of life. ,  Even now, I wished I lived nearer to where she practices, to be treated by her.

Myself and other Brits who contribute to this wonderful website, would be ever so grateful if all you thyrellas and thyfellas will join us in supporting Dr. Sarah Myhill. Sign the petition, join her Facebook group. Lend support and, or attend her hearing. STOP THIS WITCH HUNT FOR DR. SARAH MYHILL and other specialists, and doctors like her in the UK—By doing this, hopefully we can stop this from happening everywhere, too.

A big THANK YOU to all my Thyrellas and Thyfellas out there in thyroid land!

Articles about Dr. Sarah Myhill

  1. TPA
  2. Thyroid About Newsletter
    Mary Shomon’s post: Thyroid Travesty in the UK;
  3. Mary Shomon: Likely Source of Culprit;

How can you get involved, regardless of whether you’re in the UK or not:

  1. Support Dr. Sarah Myhill on Facebook
  3. Sign the petition to end the witch hunt for Dr. Sarah Myhill
  4. Add this article to your Facebook page
  5. Tweet about it

Special thanks to Sarah Downing and Lolly for also making this happen!

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Reader Feedback

16 Responses to “Calling All Thyroid Patients In The UK And The World: Why We Need To Help Dr Sarah Myhill

  1. lori says:

    Wow, Katie and Mariam, thank you for these links. I am in the US but this type of “witch hunt” behavior could happen anywhere. It is so sad that this is happening but shows once again, how much we need to continue fighting everywhere for awareness and proper treatment!

    I saw something online about this but didn’t realize the extent of it, so thank you for bringing awareness to this today. I am checking out the links now.

  2. Lolly says:

    I want to thank you Miriam, katie and Mary Shoman for highlighting Dr sarah Myhills plight or should I say witch hunt because that is exactly what it is.

    I have signed the petiton the other day circulated this too other places and also Register for the hearing even though you don’t actually have to attend as there are only 20 spaces but just showing an interest actually counts, many pateints treated by Dr Myhill have written letters of support. We need to get behind this doctor showing our solidarity and support as a good doctor like this are few and far between and if I lived nearer too i would be going to see her because the NHS is doing nothing for me only giving me a headache.

    Thank you both for writing this article will post it on my FB.

    Lolly (UK)

  3. Dear Thyroid says:

    Lori – you absolutely rock, and reminded me to add a few other names to the post: Lolly and Sarah Downing. Without their help and hard work too, this post wouldn’t have happened.

    Aside from that… This is absolutely out-fucking-rageous. We can’t let this happen. I truly believe that if we all step up and speak up, we can make a difference.


  4. Dear Thyroid says:

    Lolly, please re-read post. I mean refresh. This post wouldn’t have happened without you and Sarah, too. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

    Lolly, beautifully said and totally true!


  5. lori says:

    I just joined what I could, signed the petition and reposted. I sure hope we can make a difference.

    I am sorry for all my dear UK friends that this is happening. Attacking a caring doctor like this is one of the most f’en-outrageous things I can think of to happen to thyroid patients. Why do they not want thyroid patients to have proper treatment by these special doctors??? Is this not reminiscent of the Salem, MA witch trials. It’s disgusting.

  6. Dear Thyroid says:

    Totally agreed, Lori!

    You are an angel, a proactive, magnificent angel.


  7. Christine says:

    She has my support! We need MORE doctors like her, not LESS. Doctors who go the distance to treat her patients as people not a “medical model”. Who are persistent, trail blazers in this field of medicine. Who are willing to treat their patients as a WHOLE person, who are there to improve their lives, not hinder or dismiss them. Who simply practice medicine to make a difference, one patient at a time… who in fact DO NO HARM!

    I have joined her cause on facebook
    I have signed the petition
    I have done my research so I can try to fully understand what is happening (and I am simply APPALLED)

    I have posted this to my facebook wall: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WeekinRewind/98566036433?ref=mf#!/LiveLaughLoveCj?v=wall&story_fbid=110294259007897

    This is a disgusting example of a governing medical body, no matter where it is in the world, how far they have fallen, how far they have yet to come to meeting the ACTUAL needs of us all.

  8. Well done for such an important post, Miriam and Katie! I am so glad that we are making people aware of this. I too joined all that I can. I may not be in the UK, but I don’t want UK patients to suffer needlessly either. Sorry I’ve been incommunicado all day – I think I have a 24-hour stomach bug or something similar.

  9. Lolly says:

    Thank you Katie I amjust showing my support, and after reading where the complaint actually originated from bleive this is just fucking ridiculus trying to ruin the good name of a careing docotr who spends time with her patients when the NHS lets them down which is all too often.

    Keep up the good work thyrella’s you all rock and can make a difference.

    Miriam request me on FB because I can’t you for some reason.


  10. Miriam says:

    Thanks everyone. I thought it was such an important issue that I wanted not to be ignored.

    I only hope that there is a happy outcome to this and the NHS/GMC back down and realise that this witch hunt should never have been brought about.

    Its very frustrating that we Brits are not been able to chose whether to accept limited treatment under our NHS, or pay privately to get thoroughly treated by excellent doctors like Dr Sarah Myhill and know that one day you will feel better in health.

    Sadly I live too far to be treated by Dr Sarah Myhill, but others who live nearer can and its for those patients that I am supporting this. Why should such a caring doctor be suspended and unable to continue her good work with patients because of the NHS. The GMC should be supporting her and praising her for her good work with chronic diseases, not trying to suspend her. Good caring doctors are few and far between and it will be a sad day if Dr Myhill is not allowed to continue her good work.

    So thanks Katie, Sarah, Lolly Lori, Christine for helping make sure this comes to a happy and satisfactory conclusion.

    So lets keep our fingers crossed for a happy outlook on April 29th 🙂


  11. Christine says:

    I will be watching for the outcome – would be great if it could be posted here once something is known. …. Katie – will you?

  12. Lolly says:

    We will keep you all updated as to what happens, there maybe another adjournment on the hearing but that is not for definite yet.

    Lets keep the support going I would do the same for any doctor here or abroad who is doing good work to help sufferers of any Autoimmune disease/thyroid diseases as Miriam said they are few and far between and when you find a good Doctor you got to hold onto them.

    If I lived nearer too I would pay to see her, got to be better than the treatment I am receiving now from are good old NHS. There are too many stipulations on what a doctor can do, prescribe, and this is were change needs to be if a doctor even prescribes armour thyroid they are frowned on by there colleagues same goes for T3(cytomel) and shunned by there own fraternity it’s about time things changed I intend to do something about it.


  13. Lolly says:

    Ps thank you for all your supprt so far Miriam well done for breaking this to everyones attention.
    And Katie thanks ffor getting deeply involved and allowing us to fight the fight.


  14. Lolly says:

    I tell ya that should be bringing not breaking you can break it if you want. better get some sleep soon.

  15. Shan Kelly says:

    Keep Spreading the word,

    We must throw this back at the GMC. They need to answer the charges being leveled at them by thyroid patients worldwide now.

    What about Dr Peatfield? Did anyone else like his book. I found it really usseful. He left the NHS because of attacks by the GMC.

  16. Miriam says:

    I do agree with you Shan re keep spreading the word. The petition has almost 2,500 signatures. If you have not signed the petition, then please do so, even if you are not in the UK, we need to publicise the fact that the GMC cannot win this.

    Thanks to all those who commented. Let hope for a happy outcome on this…


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