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Thyme For Some Literary Healing: How Has Your Thyroid Affected Your Sex Life?

Post Published: 30 April 2010
Category: Literary Healing for Thyroid Patients, Thyme for literary healing
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In today’s Thyme for some Literary Healing, we are going to discuss wait for it SEX. Yes, sex. We love it. We want it. We need it. However, and unfortunately, it appears that our thyroids dictate our drive, and desire. So, whether you are the rule’or the exception to the rule, we want to hear from you! We’re going uncensored and unabashed. Get ready to take your sexual selves out of thethylost and start dishing.

  1. Has your sex drive changed since diagnosis?
  2. Has your sex drive changed with the ebb and flow’of your disease?
  3. Are you the rule or the exception to the rule?
  4. Pre-disease, how important to you, is sex and, now how important to you is sex?


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Reader Feedback

15 Responses to “Thyme For Some Literary Healing: How Has Your Thyroid Affected Your Sex Life?

  1. Christina says:

    Pre-disease I was unstoppable! I mean, I wanted it! Needed it! LOVED it!

    That changed over the course of time, in the last 3 years I can say this with total honesty”¦ “ummmm Sex? What is Sex? Should I want it? Do I really need it?” They say it’s like riding a bicycle”¦.. ummmm I guess I forgot how to ride a bicycle too!

    I can’t be bothered truth be told ““ too disappointing, such a let down, no matter what I tried, how I tried it, how creative I tried to get ““ NOTHING! NADA! ZIP!
    Pretty sad I know”¦ I mean, I do know WHAT sex is ““ at least I vaguely remember”¦. I can only hope now post thyroidectomy some of that VAVAVA VROOOOOM will come back to me”¦ oh and YEAH! I’ll remember how to ride a bike too!

  2. Benjamin says:

    Christine I feel your pain. What sucks worse than that is
    I have not felt an urge to be physical in almost two years
    Nor have I had the physical ability or desire for at least
    That lonng. Masterbation, forget about that because it is to
    Rigerous for me as exercise.
    Now, I am not trying to be rudee here but I,
    Got equipt, have very very large testies. My other stuff is
    Nothing that ever claimed new territory but the rest of the package
    Has never fit into the same hand.
    They hang so low that when I sit on the toilet to pee it is a two
    Hand job otherwise the boys will be taking swimming lessons.
    Once I tried Viagra?! HA! In a test box th
    ere are 4 pills inside. I took all of them within an
    Hour and not a damn thing happened! So still I wait.
    By the way, ejackets (family site); I have not had one of
    Those in more than three years.
    Please share thoughts ideas opinons”¦no sympathy, sorry or I know
    How you feel comments because you don’t. Nobody knowns how
    Devistating this is to my wife or I. We remain open
    To new ideas though!
    Thank you

  3. Sharper says:

    1 ““ I don’t remember exactly when my sex drive changed. It was way before actual diagnosis. It slowed down gradually in my early to mid twenties.

    2 ““ Most definitely, it changes. When everything is level and perfect, my sex drive increases. I think it’s still low, but i notice it there. But when I’m hypo, it’s completely non-existent.

    3 ““ most definitely the rule. Although, it’s hard to really know if it’s the thyroid or my self-esteem that dominates my sex drive. Or maybe both?

    4 ““ pre-disease, it wasn’t that important to me. I didn’t find it as a big deal. Today, I find is very important to my relationship. To me, a healthy relationship should have a good sex drive. And this definitely has an impact.

  4. Sharper says:

    1.Has your sex drive changed since diagnosis?

    What sex drive? I managed to have two kids but then my marriage pretty much became sexless and I didn’t really care because I was so depressed and couldn’t figure out why.

    2.Has your sex drive changed with the “˜ebb and flow’ of your disease?

    I have not felt “normal” since diagnosis/thyroidectomy so my drive went downhill and pretty much stayed there.

    3.Are you the rule or the exception to the rule?
    I guess I’m the rule, between not liking the way I looked with 30 extra pounds, being depressed, and not being properly medicated and no drive whatsoever.

    4.Pre-disease, how important to you, is sex ““ and, now how important to you is sex?
    Pre-disease I was newly married and enjoyed it but it was never a huge deal to me. Now it’s a big deal ““ I found out recently that my husband had been thinking for the last few years about leaving me and had recently met another woman. When I found out it was like I suddenly woke up, researched my symptoms and figured out that the way I’d been feeling all these years was due to still having hypo symptoms, and I started to turn my life around. I’ve dropped 15 lbs. (10 of which was because I couldn’t eat right after I found out). I’m eating healthier, exercising more, and generally forcing myself everyday to stay positive and not go back to the dark side. And the sex live now? Awesome! I’ve decided that even if I’m not in the mood, just thinking about it and replaying a particularly nice time in my mind puts me in the mood. Now I just need to get my endo to work with me on changing my meds to start treating my symptoms instead of relying only on the numbers.

    There is hope. I have come back from the dark side and I will do everything in my power not to go back there. My husband is trying to be more understanding and that helps a lot.

  5. Dear Thyroid says:

    Christine ““ Thank you for your bravery and beauty! I hope the sex drive comes back, too. It’s so horrible when you’re a sexual person ““ and that part of you is MIA, to the point where you think”¦ Wait, do I even know that I have lady parts?

    Very frustrating indeed. So sorry. Post thyroidectomy, I’m hoping you are the sex mistress you were before and that all of those orgasms you sacrificed come back with ferocity.

  6. Dear Thyroid says:

    Benjamin ““ I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. SO, SO, SO PROUD OF YOU. This was not easy for you to share or discuss. Way to go, kid.

    FYI ““ no sympathy from anyone here. Empathy and compassion, yes.

    The seemingly insurmountable frustration, for you and your wife must be devastating. Have you tried using toys and things, for both of your pleasure? I ask because it’s possible that if you use them together and with each other, it might bring you closer. Plus, the amount of energy it takes to masturbate won’t zap you dry. (Oh, that wasn’t meant as a pun).

    Thank you so much for sharing more of you with us, and for speaking up!

    The male version of sex affected by chronic conditions”¦

  7. Melissa Travis says:

    Sending out the love to you honest gorgeous peeps!!
    I’ve been wanting love more than sex lately. Haven’t DATED for a bit”“ then someone started to get all romantical with me and I go all giddy”¦ I WANT love- but sex.. meh.

    I used to be a morning nooon and nighter “” but lately- piffle. I could care less about sex”¦ and then occasionally- when the hormones are aligned with the stars and the moon is in the sky right ““ then THEN I WANT SEX.

    And there is no partner”¦ and then masturbation is fine ““ but it makes me feel even lonelier I guess. I’ll handle things on my own ““ but I MISS connection, I miss being held at night ““ I miss knowing someone “has my back.”
    To be being emotionally safe makes me want to have tons of sex “” so I guess that might ALSO be why I’m not as randy”¦ I haven’t felt emotionally safe for quite a while”¦
    Yes ““ and *totally* vibing on the frustration of weight gain, and the hormone fluctuations (with deeelightful facial hair) etc”¦ as well as dealing with other health issues.

    A very good friend of mine said, “Melissa ““ anyone who loves you will have to love you WITH your health.” But that means *I* have to feel lovable”¦ and to be honest- I just haven’t FELT lovable in quite a while”¦ sure ““ I KNOW I’m supposed to- but that doesn’t make it so.
    Sending out the love and juju for everyone!


  8. Kesse says:

    i’ve always had a pretty high sex drive. but when things got really bad towards the end of the year last year, i just didn’t have the energy for anything so definitely wasn’t interested in sex. not that it mattered, no bf around. now that i’m getting a little better my sex drive is coming back. but i don’t really have the patience to put up with anyone else right now. i’m trying to take care of myself & my health right now and that’s not conducive to starting a relationship. maybe one day, but not my main concern right now.

  9. Dear Thyroid says:

    Sharper ““ Great job, doll. This conversation is very difficult to have, but here we are engaging and discussing.
    I love this part 3 ““ most definitely the rule. Although, it’s hard to really know if it’s the thyroid or my self-esteem that dominates my sex drive. Or maybe both?

    I think you’re right, that self esteem does factor into lack of sex drive. Our bodies change so radically. We’re transformed ““ either we gain a shit load of weight or lose way too much of it. Being naked with another human being?! Shoot me now. Really.


  10. Mary says:

    Since GD sex was great until menopause and since then just not interested also what’s available at my age isn’t visually appealing and that’s kinda vain but if they look good its easier for me to approach a man. So GD is probably like viagra especially if your TSH is a little low and if there’s alcohol involved watch out. That’s all I’m saying.

  11. dear Thyroid says:

    Melissa ““ So proud of you. That was not easy to write, not at all. I’m so grateful that you did!
    This really struck a cord I’ll handle things on my own ““ but I MISS connection, I miss being held at night ““ I miss knowing someone “has my back.”
    Pretty much everything you said, did. In particular, I wonder how many of us feel this way? How many of us have sacrificed “˜connection’ out of fear, self-esteem, (as you said) not feeling lovable (which you are).

    And, sometimes it’s not about the sex as much as it’s about exactly what you said, “˜connection’, “˜being held’ and knowing that someone “˜has your back’.
    Beautifully said.

  12. dear Thyroid says:

    Kesse ““ Thanks for sharing your point ““ especially because (A) You’re starting to feel better (big yay and congratulations). (B) You’re putting yourself and your health first (this is huge, Kesse!) (C) when you feel ready, it sounds like you will get out there and connect. But, that will be on your clock.

    Great work.

  13. dear Thyroid says:

    Mary ““ Point blank ““ you are hysterical. I love how brutally honest you are about it. Nothing wrong with how you feel or what you want, not one bit. Nobody knows you better than you.

  14. cla4sam says:

    That three letter word i dont know what that is ay more.I am lucky i guess ihave an understanding man.But he does try he never gives up.I cant believe how much thyroid and graves has changed me.I was very lucky to have my 2 beatifull sons before my tyroid attact.

  15. Cindi says:

    wow…fun reading. :O
    I’m an odd one on this. I remember I used to read on the thyroid forums about all the hypo loss of libido and wonder how I got lucky enough to avoid that symptom.

    But here’s what I know. In one article on Hashi’s I read that it could cause “hyper-sexuality” and by the time I was finally diagnosed (after 25 years of hypo symptoms) I do know that my Testosterone tested High. And here’s what I also know, before diagnosis sex would definitely rev up my metabolism. Um, picture jumping up from bed (or wherever) pretty soon afterwards to go use the bonus hour of energy the sex generated to put the dishes in the dishwasher, clean house, etc. I’m serious – this was a source of amusement in our household that sex motivated me to do housework. Now I understand it was the metabolism boost. Btw, hot showers would work in the same way.

    After diagnosis, and with thyroid meds, the only major change was that I was more relaxed about myself. I had lots of anxiety prior diagnosis and distorted self-image for sure. So sex was even better!

    So for me, sex wasn’t an issue for me when hypo – but somewhat oddly so compared to what appears to be the usual hypo experience. But don’t even get me started on the devastation that menopause has caused to my sex life…

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