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Comment Of The Day: June 17, 2010

Post Published: 17 June 2010
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Thyliloquy: Act One: Scene One: The Gyno. The Girl. The Thyroid, Written by Monika was absolutely fabulous. If you haven’t read it, please do. She wrote an entire scene depicting her experience with her family and her… you guessed it, thyroid, and… You’ll have to read her Dear Thyroid Letter. Here is a excerpt: “Cue the rest of the family, getting ready to go, walking down the hall asking if I’m ready, only to find me sobbing in the presence of a practical stranger of an aunt, who has a dumbfounded look on her face. A cross between innocence at why I am crying, and wisdom, because she apparently knows better than my endocrinologist.”

The comments were so supportive, loving and honest. Some folks shared their stories about their relationship with their families, while others extended support. Each was a gift. Thank you.

Today’s comment…

Bee says:

Some relatives seem to manage to lose that word to brain filter at some point in their lives-good intentions aside, they manage to hurt our feelings when they think they’re being helpful—sounds like you handled it well, you’re allowing yourself to live in the moment and you’re enjoying your educational experience. That’s about all anyone can ask for, right? Live for today, don’t let others’ ignorant yet good intentions dampen your joy and face those pesky problems down the road when you get down the road

Dietary Supplements: Fact or Fiction, Written by August J. McLaughlin was a thyroid nutrition article about Vitamin B and supplements – to supplement or not, that is the question. A spirited debate ensued. A lot of questions were asked and information dispensed.

If you missed August’s article, check it out and share your thoughts with her. An excerpt “B-vitamins are known to support thyroid function, metabolism, healthy blood sugar levels and numerous other aspects of human health. Who wouldn’t want bottles of all that? Well, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements, excessive intake of vitamin B6 in supplement form can cause nerve damage and resultant numbness, paralysis, poor coordination and a sense of “heaviness” in the legs (symptoms of a condition known as peripheral neuropathy).”

I love this community – patients are so educated and informed. And professionals with expertise in nutrition and supplements also spoke up and shared their POV. A million thank you’s for being you.

Today’s comment…

Kevin says:

“most dietary supplements lack scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness. Worst of all, many are known to cause harm.” by the author.

“Most multivitamins are standardized, with all small changes from brand to brand” by “Just Me”

This is a powerful statement…

According to studies conducted by US, UK, and Canada, food is simply not as nutritious as it used to be. And sadly, most nutrition experts are taught with outdated information. Here on such study: “CHARTS: Nutrient Changes in Vegetables and Fruits, 1951 to 1999″ @ ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20020705/favaro_nutrients_chart_020705. You can see most nutrients have virtually vanished.

It is no surprise the food pyramid suggested by Harvard Medical School in ‘04 (I think) lists that most people should consume a dietary supplement. (seen here: mediterraneandiet.com/Images/Food-Pyramid-Picture.jpg).

So we need to supplement. Problem is… UNLIKE “Just Me” said, MOST supplements are not standardized. The amount listed on label is USUALLY not that found in a regular dose. In fact there are more than 5,000 companies that sell supplements “but only a dozen companies have volunteered their products for certification”. Most not certified to be standardized and to follow GMP by organizations like NSF International. That quote is from Sports Illustrated @ sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1155395/index.htm.

I always tell people to NEVER shop for supplements based on price. If you are that concerned about money, don’t buy anything and save it all. Only purchase supplements that comply with GMP & proudly display the NSF International logo. Sadly, you won’t find these at GNC or your local pharmacy/grocery store.

Kevin :: GlycoTrainer.com

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