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Thyroid Cancer Gets A Nugget: Calling All Sports Fans…and Everybody Else

Post Published: 26 June 2010
Category: thyroid cancer awareness, Thyroid Cancer News
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I am a sports fanatic. Seriously, I’d play sports all day long if I could do so without sending myself into a state of exhaustion requiring hospitalization and an IV of fluids.  Fortunately for my health, I love watching sports, too. June has been a good sports-watching month with the US Open, the World Cup, the NCAA men’s baseball College World Series, and the longest tennis match in history. As soon as the CWS ends, I’ll start counting down the days until the start of football season. College football, that is. And after football, basketball season is among us. Like I said, I love sports, although I’ve never been a big fan of professional sports…until now. Now, I’m a fan of the Denver Nuggets basketball team. Actually, I’m more of a fan of Nuggets guard Coby Karl, a thyroid cancer survivor.

Coby Karl was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2006. In 2010, he’s raising awareness. The son of Nuggets head coach and prostate cancer and neck/throat cancer survivor George Karl, Coby participated in the fifth annual Hope Invitational golf tournament on June 15th. Coby Karl was there to raise money and awareness for cancer. At this event, he told his own story about how cancer has impacted his life. In my opinion, telling your story is one of the best ways to get people to listen. Check out the news stories here and here.

Am I asking you to ditch your team to become a Nuggets fan? No. Am I asking you to start watching professional basketball as though it’s your job? No. So why should Dear Thyroid care about Coby Karl? Because his efforts reassure us that our efforts to raise awareness will not be fruitless. This celebrity advocate just might pave the way to make our voices heard. So, thymmunity, let’s keep talking. Let’s keep raising awareness. Let’s do all we can to make ourselves Invisible No More!

I will probably never be into professional basketball, but I guarantee you I’ll be cheering for Coby Karl.

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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Thyroid Cancer Gets A Nugget: Calling All Sports Fans…and Everybody Else

  1. DAT says:

    Hi Joanna,

    This is really wonderful and it gives me more hope, I already had some because of DT and the work that Linda has been doing to contact celebrities that have been affected. A face to our disease could make a huge difference.

    I’m going to watch Coby Karl and cheer him on, not for the sake of basketball necessarily but because he deserves acknowledgement for what he is doing. Maybe one day we can find a way to cheer him on in person? That would be awesome. Does he have a website? I think I am going to get in touch with him and let him know we exist and appreciate him.

    This has been an amazing week for DT, I am so excited about what the future has to bring! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thanks for sharing this with us!


  2. Dear Thyroid says:


    I am so glad you wrote this article. What Coby Karl has done is so wonderful. He’s given face and voice to thyroid cancer, and he’s donated money for research. WOW. That’s something to celebrate.

    I am so grateful to him. Thank you for spotlighting him.

    Go, Coby, go! We’ll be rooting for you every step of the way.


  3. Please, if we went to one of his games we’d be the loudest people there. Hands down.

    I love what he’s doing, too. So amazing.

  4. DedicatedReader says:

    Thanks so much to Coby for what he is doing to raise awareness!

  5. DAT says:

    Just imagine us all in Dear Thyroid t-shirts being loud and crazy. That would garner some attention!

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