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Somewhere There is an Endo

Post Published: 30 June 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Somewhere there is an Endo

Just for me,

Not like the bastard I had who

Doesn’t look at the FT3.

Somewhere there is an Endo

One to keep

Maybe then I will be able to get a

Good night’s fucking sleep

My appointment didn’t go so well

Told that fucking Endo to go to hell

He’s sacked.

Where troubles seem to follow me

No matter how I try to be

That’s why I’m Lolly.

Somewhere there is an Endo

Insert big sigh

So why the fuck can’t I find one

Why then, oh why can’t I?

If Happy little butterflies could fly

Beyond the rainbow

Why, oh why can’t I.

(Bio) By Lolly: After a fucking shit appointment with an endocriminologist who promised he would listen and work with me and totally lied about it. On our last appointment he wasn’t interested in my low FT3 or fluctuating thyroid levels , never had any intention of prescribing me T3 wanted to reduce my dose of T4 when my thyroid levels are already going down. What a prick, wanted to talk fucking TSH so we parted company, but not before I had my say. I thought I would write a thytune because I am still not over it I’m back to square one after fighting years for this and I am really pissed off, but most of all I want to know where have all the good, caring doctors/endos gone? Because they sure as hell ain’t where I live. That’s the UK for you.

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Reader Feedback

13 Responses to “Somewhere There is an Endo”

  1. DAT says:


    Sad but beautiful. You are so expressive. I hope you can find a new endo that will listen but what to do in the meantime? Do you have internists in the UK? I just went to one here in the states yesterday and she was really in tune to thyroid disease and how it impacts every other part of our bodies. Might that be an option? I’m sorry you had to go through such an ordeal. Aww. Pisses me off.


  2. landsman2010 says:

    Gosh, sorry about your experience! Like Donna said, I hope you find one that is more competent and is better able to cater to your needs. I wish I could direct you to my endo! I do love your lyrics, very creative.



  3. Linda says:

    Great song. It fits here in the US as well as the UK. I am also finding it hard to find doctors that are taking new patients. My biggest fear is the next time I have to fire a doctor there will not be another one available. In my opinion the medical industry fuckin sucks. I wish you the best of luck finding a new real doctor.

  4. Let it all out, girl!!!
    This endo sounds like a complete tool… Its a shame these people are in practice. Ugh.
    I really hope things work out for you! All the best<3

  5. Lolly says:

    Dat, Thank you, I am very expressive and vocal if i have soentung to say I will say it it made me feel better this Thytune has been reposted I did it the same day I came back from that endo’s appoinment I was able to get my emtions out in song although singing it i don;t know what it would sound like. I though of even sending my Ex Endo a copy. No we donlt hav emuch here in the uK with ragrds to internist, we have the Private sector but most of themj alwos work for the NHS. I don’t need a fucking Endo just need someone who will work with me, listen and understand the thyroid or lack of, interpreting thyroid labs and what labs to actually do. I live in hope.

    TY for your thypports.


  6. Lolly says:


    This is my second Endocriminologist I think they were cut from he same cloth. If I could find just a good GP who could work with me on this I would be happy I don’t rate Endo’s in the UK anyway there first speciality is diabetis second is thyroid and most of them know jackshit.

    I thought of moving to the states at least you got my choices.


  7. Lolly says:

    Linda sorry you’re having the same problems it’s a world wide situation, we got to stand up and be heard fight for what we shoudl be getting and the right health car it’s a hard slog but not one i am willing to give up on just yet.

    Is there a real doctor in the house please stand up.


  8. Lolly says:


    A tool now that is polite he was a dick head and lieing fucker and had me strung alonfg till my third visit.
    I like to be vocal and let it all out better than keeping it in and letting it consume you, beter out than in hey.

    There are none left here in the UK for me so I have to do things for myself.
    I hope youi find a keeper for yourself a good Doc.

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply and read my thytune hope you sang a long to it too.


  9. Dear Thyroid says:

    Lolly – You do not fucking hold back. I, balls to the wall, love that about you. Ya got moxie comin’ out of your lady balls, baby. No lack of ‘stones’ from you, chica.

    There is an endo for you. You will find him/her. I know it. Don’t give up, love. You’re a fighter like nobody’s business.

    Thank you for this beautiful lolly thytune.


  10. Melissa Travis says:

    Hey Lolly-Lol-
    OMG – I love this song – and it expresses so much the disregard that we get sometimes from our docs.. GRUMBLE. I too had a similar FT3 discussion with my endo. His response HONESTLY to me was, “you’re feeling so crappy right now you wouldn’t NOTICE it if you started feeling the results of improved T3 even if it is a better option for you so why bother.”

    HONESTLY. And yes- you are a ROCK STAR in standing up for yourself. AND in writing fabulous songs about it.

    Finding good fits for our docs in an adventure. I adore you like a kid loves picnic sammiches and chocolate.

  11. Lolly says:


    I can’t beleive your endo said that to you yes i can because it seems to be the norm in endoshit world. How the fuck does he know if it will improve your quality of life or not I would be doing everything to help you not making shit comments like that.

    Hope your feeling a litle better and good luck with your next surgery here’s thinking of YOU kiddo!!!


  12. Lolly says:


    I was bought up with manners but you know when someone pisses me off it all goes out the window. I wasn’t rude to him either didn’t I cuss but I did state plain and simple that we are never going to agree I don’t agree with him and he is never going to agree with me so why continue with the facade.

    I did slam the door when I left though at least I didn’t slam something else.

    Sometimes my mouth gets me into trouble I am a rebel with a cause and I wouldnlt change anything about myself I refuse to be walked over by anyone.

    Love your words Miss katie you brighten my day.


  13. SanDiegoCarrie says:

    Bravo! 5 of those endos are still sending bills weekly! Fuck them.

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