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Thyrants, Thyraves And 3 Adjectives

Post Published: 10 July 2010
Category: Thyrants and Thyraves, thyroid support forums, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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Good morning!! thyrants? thyraves? Rant/Rave your hearts out – about anything. Xo

CKP:  The one morning I was finally sleeping and I had to get up early! The injustice!

RWD: finally feel ok….and Doc is cutting back on my medication….shocker…not..

AMHS: Morning – i hate it when it is 75 in the house and 90 outside and i feel cold — really?!?! Annoying

CC:  My TSH is 1.1 woo hoo….sorry, I know its not a rant or a rave, but I’m so happy I had to share with folks who understand!

KC: how is it that I’m a hashi girl and always HOT! Freckin hotflashes….. I’m only 34! I want my body back!

AMHS:  TSH 1.1 – i think mine is 4.8 that sound hi/low?

SM: My gnarly gushing girl guts gives me grief, I long for menopause. I’ve declared myself out of the race to look younger and just minimize mirror use. I’m going bra-less more often, gave up knickers long ago, now undies are for special occasions. I sip coffee under a pomello tree that has two big fruit hanging low, it always brings a smile even our neighbours remarked on how big they were. I put my feet up and a chook jumps up on my outstretched leg to see whats in my cup. That’s enough.

Good morning. What 3 adjectives best describe how you feel about yourself today?

BJD:  bloated…bloated…did i say bloated?

LHP:  sick tired sick tired of being sick & tired

LJ: Over the moon, happy and still beaming from ear to ear..Just found out that Kelly is having a BOY? due on 23rd Dec. Makes me proud and forget how I feel.

JD: Hopeful, thankful, and hopeful.

KC:  hot, sticky, bloated……

PAG:  congested, feverish, tired I’ve got a sinus infection, can’t blame my thyroid for feeling icky today.

AEP:  pregnant, tired, and the belly is starting to feel quite large!

How would you lend support to our thyamily? What tips would you offer? Conversely, do you have anything to rant or rave about?

This afternoon, we have a wonderful post coming from a patient with Bipolor disorder. Send those Dear Thyroid Letters in! We begin posting butterfly paragraphs on July 16th, so any submissions need to be submitted ASAP, please.

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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Thyrants, Thyraves And 3 Adjectives”

  1. angela says:

    i know, i have hashimoto’s too and i’m almost always hot. like if i get too warm i get all presyncopal and stuff. aren’t we supposed to be cold intolerant??

    my skin sure as hell is dry though lol.

  2. Lori says:

    Angela – I have hashi also and i’m always overheating and feel like i’m going to faint, and it’s not hot flashes. my husband knows i’m in trouble when my face turns beat red. it’s much more of a problem than the cold. the majority of us hypo’s have cold intolerance but there seems to be a lot of crossover with symptoms.

  3. Gina says:

    i totally agree. i was diagnosed with hoshi but shortly after thyroid cancer… i go through the heat flashes so bad we keep our house at 69-70 degrees all year long.i run around in the winter in shorts and flip flops and love it,lol. the red face or the uncontrollable sweats i hate with a passion. i can only hope that after i have my thyroid and his friend nodule removed i might be able to finally control this. wish you gals the best..


  4. Dear Thyroid says:

    You rock my world, thyeeps. Thanks for connecting and sharing your rants.

    Angela – Don’t quote me, but I am pretty sure that some symptoms are crossover symptoms. have you been tested for GRAVES DISEASE?

    Lori – I did not know that.

    You will, Gina! We all will 🙂

  5. Shan McKenzie says:

    Don’t you hate 3 in the morning on the internet researching a symptom that’s bugging you. I’ve decided that eating chilli again (I stopped months ago when it made my throat bleed) has caused my excessive monthly flow. Thank goodness for the internet to back up my gut feeling and keep me away from quacks. No more chilli for this girl, I’m hot enough already! 😉

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