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Comment Of The Day: August 8, 2010

Post Published: 08 August 2010
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First on the agenda is… announcing the WINNER of the Butterflygraph literary contest. Every entry was so magnificent. You took our breaths away, made us laugh, cry and understand the meaning of butterflies post diagnosis on such a profound level. Your work was flawless. Beautifully written and simply breathtaking. Thank you so much for participating. Before announcing the winner, we want to let you know that we’re launching another literary contest tomorrow, so stay tuned for details.

The winner of the BUTTERFLYGRAPH LITERARY CONTEST is… SERENA! Congratulations. Your entry was fabulous. Please contact Katie, so I can get you in touch with Allyson and she can send you your painting. GREAT JOB. STANDING OVATION. APPLAUSE!

Drunken Butterfly

by Serena I. Volpi

Come on home, just ain’t fair
Name of rock’n’roll, where love dies
Couldn’t find a soul, tell it like it is
Deep down inside, drunken butterfly

I love you, I love you, I love you… what’s your name?

(Sonic Youth, Drunken Butterfly)

“And what is this?” said the doctor pointing at my neck. She went on without waiting for an answer: “It’s a nodule.” So that was the reason of all that flapping and fluttering in my throat: I didn’t know a butterfly was living in there. Surprise and amazement at the discovery that she was there and she was me. Maybe the doc was a magician; maybe she could make things appear just mentioning them, maybe… Since that moment, one year and a half ago, I have tried to get in touch with that butterfly I knew nothing of. I discovered she is fragile and easily afflicted by influences from the outside, but she is also a brave warrior. I admire her, she is a constant example for me, so fragile and so strong at the same time, so delicate and yet willing to live and fly. I thought the nodule was the problem. How I was wrong! That part of the butterfly is fighting the greatest battle for both of us: antibodies, my personal army against her, against myself are trying to silence her, but she doesn’t give in. In my mind, the nodule meant abnormality: I was surprised it was exactly that part of the butterfly that indeed works trying to save the integrity of our lives.  So, besides teaching me the real essence of strength in kindness, of perseverance in non-violence, she has also challenged my preconceptions about normality and normativity, proving that my vision was quite narrow. My butterfly flaps her wings and flutters even harder when I’m worried or anxious, she is the untameable non-violent warrior: she doesn’t destroy, she doesn’t fight against, but transforms destruction and death in life and flight and kindness.  When I’m sad because the hormone replacement hasn’t worked like I thought it would or the antibodies are high though the homeopathic remedies try to keep them at bait, she flaps her wings once more and I find a connection with myself again. On that moment I know which path I have to follow, so I pull myself together, smile at my face in the mirror and flap my own wings as the butterfly has taught me to.  You are my butterfly, my non-violent warrior, my friend, my angel, and my teacher. I love you, my drunken butterfly; you – like me – are drunk of life. I love you, I love you, I love you… what’s your name?

Triple Whammy or How to Cope with Multiple Cancers: Part II Learn to Ride the Dragon, Written By HD

Please, I am begging you to read this installation – not only is it informative, there is vital information for men and women with respect to oral cancers as a result of HPV, as well as resources. Here is an excerpt for your review:

“One fascinating connection was mentioned to me by one patient, namely that the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) seems to be responsible for an increase in oral cancers in men and women.  That is the same virus that causes cervical cancer in some women. – So, why the connection with throat cancers? – The answer? – Some scientists now think it is because of oral sex! – So, fellow gents (and ladies too), be careful out there, and practice safe sex and put a condom over your tongues.”

Comment of the day…

Courtney says:

Wow! You’re the first person I’ve known of that also has been diagnosed with 3 different cancers. My cancers include melanoma, vulvar, and brain which were diagnosed over the past ten years. I started battling cancer at the young age of 23.

Magnificent Meet-ups

Excerpt: “Things are heating up in the Dear Thyroid Meet – Up department and we are so excited!!  Watch out Ohio, Georgia, and Boston, we are coming your way!! We have also had a lot of interest in Pasadena and Chicago. Please email me so that we can add you to our lists!!”

Is your city on the list? If not, post it in comments and/or email mailto:kerri@dearthyroid.org. We have meet-ups that we’re scheduling in the cities listed, in September. We sure hope you’ll join and, or host a meet-up at a coffee shop or restaurant.

We’ve got comments from thyrellas in Portland and Rockford, Ill, eager to participate in a meet-up. Please let us know!

Great job today –



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4 Responses to “Comment Of The Day: August 8, 2010”

  1. Congratulations, Serena!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


  2. Linny says:

    congradulations Serena !

  3. Donna says:

    Congrats Serena!

  4. Serena says:

    Dear friends and dear friends at DearThyroid, dear Allyson and Katie,

    thank you all for your support and comments.
    The thing I cherish the most is having found a community of people I can share with and who love words and literature as much as I do. Namaste.

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