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Comment Of The Day: August 9, 2010

Post Published: 09 August 2010
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It’s no secret that I live inside my head. In fact, sometimes I’m so deep inside my head, I get lost and don’t care to find my way out. Perhaps that’s a writerly thing? A personality trait thing? I’m not sure. I don’t dwell on the why all that much. To be honest, it doesn’t bother me. Though, I have learned a few things along the way… Perception is not the mother of invention. Compassion, though treated as subjective, isn’t. Rather, compassion is objective and comes in many forms. The question is receptivity to it. Reading between the lines is where you’ll find the good stuff. Intentions are never cloudy if we’re coming from an honest place. Great food is fantastic. Love, to give and receive are equal parts a gift.

Enough random nonsense, right? Right. Today, we launched another literary contest. One of our community members donated a piece of his art; so exciting. We hope you all will participate. Our Dear Thyroid author’s letter stirred a magnificent conversation that’s still taking place about hair. Thyme for a Literary Healing is all about food, baby; glorious, lovely food.

Taming Of The Thyroid: Hair, Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair, written by Donna was a very real written portrait of the harrowing plight thyroid patients face when we lose hair. The conversation has and continues to be insanely honest and heartfelt.

Excerpt: “You took the most obvious thing about my physical self….my mane. What I took for granted my entire life. I always said I wouldn’t have to worry about elderly hair loss because I had tons of layers.”

Comment of the day…

Debbie says:


Oh, how i can relate. Losing my hair from being hypo made me so depressed, i tried to take my life. Nobody understands how devastating it is for a women to lose her hair. You receive absolutely no compassion from anybody. Instead you hear, buy a wig, and get on with your life. If it was only that easy.

Win A Beautiful Water Color Drawing: The Thyroid Queen, By HD “The details of the Dear Thyroid August Literary Contest, describe a piece of art that you would create in your mind, even if you aren’t an artist; just describe, in your own words, what it would look like and why it relates to your disease. (Only 12 entries are being accepted and you have one week to submit them).”

Thyme For Literary Healing: Thyroid Friendly Foods And How We Feel About Them

Excerpt: “Food = passion = love = desire = crazy ass relationships = dysfunction = health = whatever you want it to. Regardless of your relationship with food prior to acquiring thyroid disease or thyroid cancer, what we want to talk about today is how your relationship with food has changed. Let’s share thyroid friendly recipes and talk about our nutrition programs. Let’s swap recipes. Let’s learn about how we’ve taken former foods we loved and made them into thyroid friendly gems. (THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! PLEASE JOIN THE CONVERSATION).”

Comment of the day…

Amanda says:

love this one!

1. Post disease, what was your favorite food on the planet?

Artichoke hearts. I could live on them. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find out if they are ok to eat now that I have Graves Disease.

2. Have you changed your diet post diagnosis?

I am trying my best to stay away from caffeine and salt. There are mixed messages about salt/iodized salt/sea salt. My regular doc said just stay away from it for now, and generally if I am “craving it” I shouldn’t have it. I make everything at home from scratch, so checking food labels is a pretty simple way. I also keep a food journal. Before the Graves Disease symptoms started, I had taken off a lot of weight, then a bunch more dropped because of the disease. Now it is leveling off and I want it to stay off. I am currently trying to create a list of foods that are good for Graves Disease, Adrenal Fatigue and my slightly elevated blood pressure. It is confusing, but I am chugging away at it.

3. Since changing your diet, what changes have you noticed with respect to symptoms and overall wellness?

In general, if I eat simple whole foods, without additives and preservatives, I feel great. It might be a mental thing, but I feel weighed down and groggy when I eat food I haven’t prepared myself. Always wondering what is in it exactly and looking up names on the ingredient list.

4. Do you have a favorite recipe that’s thyroid friendly?

Homemade chicken soup. I make homemade noodles and leave on the “side” for the kids to add. Just nice rich stock and lots of whatever veggies that are in season. Have been adding wild rice lately because it is on my list of foods that are good for Graves Disease and it adds a nice earthy touch. Yes, it is kind of hot for soup, but it has that “healing effect” so I still do it.

5. If you haven’t changed your diet, how do you feel? Have you noticed any different in symptoms and overall wellness?

Well I have, but I notice definate changes if I falter and eat junk, stress eat or think I can have caffeine. Lets just say I pay for it the following day.

6. What role has nutrition played in your life – full stop?

Since my son was labeled with every “bad boy” label when he was in school, we have always tried to stay away from additives and preservatives. I love to cook and try to make things up ahead and freeze so the kids/teens have their own “frozen foods” to choose from

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