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Comment of the Day: August 24, 2010

Post Published: 24 August 2010
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I’m back. I’ve decided I like talking with you more often than twice a month with my column, so expect to hear from me more often in comments of the day. J

Earlier today I read a quote from a young adult cancer survivor. She said, “You don’t stop living just because you hear that word cancer. That’s the worst thing you can do.”

I think she’s right because to allow cancer to take control of my life is to allow cancer to take control of ME.  But what if our disease has deteriorated our bodies to the point where we can’t live like we used to? How do we keep our disease from being in control over who we are? How do we keep living?

For me, the answer can be found within this community. Whether it’s through a letter, a column, on Mingle, on Facebook, etc., when we speak out about our diseases, against our diseases, to our diseases, we are taking control OVER our diseases. When we come together as a community, we are breathing a new life into each other. So keep talking. Keep writing. Keep living.

What do you think? Talk to me.



Trying To Choose Life, Thyroid, But You’re Literally, Physically and Psychologically KILLING ME!, written by Sadie

Sadie’s letter is something that far too many thyroid patients endure; a degree of psychiatric disturbances; from depression, to severe depression, hallucinations, rage, and so much more. Please connect with Sadie and let her know that you have walked the mile. Share your stories with her. Remind her that she isn’t alone.

Excerpt: “Something sure came along and wiped that amazing woman out of existence, and you’re the one with her tail feathers hanging out of your grinning mouth. You can blame away the crazy all you want, but…”

Comment of the day…

Debbie says:


Unfortunately, i am quite the expert on this subject. In the 2 years since being diagnosed with a thyroid problem, i have attempted suicide many times, the police have been called to my house 5 times, and i’ve been put in a mental hospital twice.

Before my diagnosis, i never thought about suicide. I was a happy, outgoing person, who loved life. My whole personality changed when i got thyroid disease. I hate the person i’ve become. I’m a recluse, who never wants to leave the house, i don’t want to see, or talk to anybody, i think about death 24/7, i cry everyday for hours, i don’t sleep, i have horrible anxiety, and sometimes i just feel like i’m going insane. Just try and explain to people that you use to be completely normal, until your thyroid went crazy ( no pun intended ). They don’t believe you.

I know in my heart, i will end up dead from this disease. I can’t stand living like this, and don’t want to be like this for the rest of my life. Friends and family have abandoned me. They just think i’m nuts now. I really have nothing to live for anyways. I feel the person i use to be died a long time ago.

I just started on my 6th medication. None of them work. I’m exhausted and frustrated, trying to fight something that will never get better. I sit and wait for the next time i feel so bad, i don’t want to be here anymore. And i know that time will come again.

Thyroid disease stole my life from me.

Thyroid, Yoga & Food, Guest blogger and fellow thyroid patient, Jennifer Saunders provided us with a wonderful guest post about her relationship with hypothyroidism, food and yoga. Not only is her post inspiring; it’s tremendously insightful. Connect with Jen in comments. We’re hoping to hear more from Jen, to be sure.

Excerpts from her post: “I didn’t think of myself as having a thyroid problem. I had a weight problem. A weight problem that my made my thyroid wonky. Oh, how far off was I? See, I didn’t have a thyroid problem. I didn’t even have a weight problem. I had a Jennifer problem. Bear with me. Let me explain.”

YOGA “Once I truly accepted myself,  I slowly started to change. I never dieted again. I decided to take care of my morbidly obese body. I started doing the things I had always wanted to do but was too self-conscious to do. Like try yoga. I was probably at least a size 28 (or larger) when I went to my first yoga class. I found a teacher who was plus-size herself and was passionate about yoga being for everyone. Everyone.”

FOOD “I was telling this to my Mom and she kindly reminded me that of course I was intolerant to dairy, I was allergic to it! When I was around 8 I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies (dairy, pork, strawberries…). Seems as I grew up, became a teenager and then left home I conveniently forgot this fact. No wonder I was sick!”

Comment of the day…

Wabi Sabi Me says:

I received my official diagnosis of hyperthyroidism + graves eye disease in Spring ‘09. In the days following I read everything I could, both from a traditional and a western medicine perspective. There was some conflicting info but at some points both agreed. What jumped out at me immediately was the high number of American woman (especially African American women) with the diagnosis. One western site said there was no empirical evidence to suggest that women are more prone to thyroid problems then men. Yet a traditional site describing the chakras explained hyperthyroidism as a blockage in the chakra related to self-expression, resulting in more women than men with the diagnosis.

This resonated with me immediately and I began to acknowledge & face my demons. My doctor was/is amazed at my progress. I never took more than 10mg Methimazole a day, and it was for only a year. Considering that the first day he saw me, he couldn’t believe I could still drive (my thyroid levels were that high).

All that to say, “Ditto! I agree.”

Self-acceptance is the first step to better health

If you haven’t seen our latest page “September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month!” We are adding partners that we’re working with in honor of Thyroid Cancer Awareness month. If you can think of others or you’d like to be added, please contact us and let us know how you think we can band together to spread the word!

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