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What Can The Canary Club Do For Thyroid Patients You Ask?

Post Published: 31 August 2010
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Hello DearThyroid Members,

Lynn Larkin here from the CanaryClub.org

A canary you ask –why would we call our site the Canary Club?

Remember the canary in the coalmine?  They are sensitive little birdies used by miners (poor bird) to detect when poisonous gasses were present in mines.  When the canary died, it was no longer safe inside. Duh.

We’re on a mission to make sure that we live a long and healthy life.  Our goal, for those who choose to accept this mission, is to advocate for better public health and environmental care, improving our living conditions, & learning and sharing, in hopes of preventing our children’s children from joining our ranks.

Let us learn from Canaries of the past. We do not have to risk our health for anyone’s profit; nor be guinea pigs for experimentation.  We can join our strongest voices; t o inspire better oversight of our precious shared resources, at all times; on all levels of business and government.

We’re here to Nurture Healthy Change. And we all know that with a nudge, SHIFT HAPPENS. We can work together to create a powerful voice for positive change.  We can do our best to impact health policy decisions so these are not created by big business, but instead by little canaries.

So, The CanaryClub.Org and DearThyroid.org are joining forces to support you and inspire you.  We will be bringing you teleseminars to share information and keep you informed.  All of us Canaries, suffering with health concerns that could well be caused by environmental toxins must warn others; we must tell our stories.

When your thyroid isn’t functioning or your hormones are out of whack, you don’t feel well.  You get in a funk. Believe me, I know. But how do you know if your thyroid or hormones aren’t doing their best for you? Maybe it’s crazy weight gain or feeling tired all the time like so many had before they joined Canary Club and had their thyroid comprehensively tested..

The Canary Club is a member’s only gig.  We’ve made special arrangements at the best labs to bring you high quality, low cost thyroid testing. You can take charge of your own health care and order tests for thyroid, adrenal and reproductive hormones ( for men and women) in the privacy of your home  and get your own results directly, to use with the practitioners of your choice Best yet, if you live in NY State, you can order these tests if you are a Canary Club member.  When you join the Canary Club you get benefits galore.

We have tons of articles and resources to point you in the direction you want, no matter what you’ve been through, and, if someone is telling you it’s all in your head, you can easily find out – “is it   really my hormones”.

How’s that for comprehensive?

Our advisory group includes Richard Shames, M.D., author of the best selling “Thyroid Power” and “Feeling Fat Fuzzy or Frazzled”. (www.feelingfff.com).

We’re a strong community at CanaryClub.org and we know first hand what you’ve experienced. We can do our best to impact health policy decisions so these are not created by big business, but instead by little canaries.

We will refuse to go back down into the dark mines of modern medicine, and industry.

Come join us, and experience what it’s like to feel energized and balanced. Visit www.CanaryClub.org

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “What Can The Canary Club Do For Thyroid Patients You Ask?”

  1. Lolly says:

    Great Idea shame I don’t live in the states, I love canaries too had a few in my time. I hope you get a good response from this.

  2. Lynn Larkin says:

    Hi Lolly:

    The Canary Club offers testing to all states and most countries. I mention NY state because because NY has very special requirements for this testing and most labs do not want to fulfill those requirements. Therefore it is almost impossible to self order these tests in NY.and they have been deprived. We were able to partner with Labrix Lab in order to provide this testing for Canary Club members in Ny.


  3. As medical professionals, we urge you all become involved to the extent that you are able. Encourage your friends to get involved.

    The Canary Club – working with DearThyroid, can be your voice for better health care.

    Consumers are the key to turning the medical system upside down; and that is exactly what is needed.

    You and your loved ones deserve more options, and better health care. Working together, we can all achieve miracles.

    Thyroid problems affect up to 50 million Americans, more than half unaware of why they are feeling lousy.

    Let’s create a powerful voice for hormone balance!

    Love, Drs. Karilee & Rich Shames

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