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Thyrants, Thyraves And Other Thylicious Things

Post Published: 04 September 2010
Category: Join The Discussion, Thyrants and Thyraves
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Instead of ranting and raving on facebook; we thought we’d give it a shot on DearThyroid.org… Here are the other things, too.

  1. With respect to disease management, what really chapped your ass?
  2. With respect to disease management, what success did you have?
  3. What rant do you absolutely have to get off your chest before you explode?
  4. What rave do you want to share, that is so magnificent, you’re bursting with excitement and positively glowing with happiness?

Ready? Set. Write!

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Reader Feedback

10 Responses to “Thyrants, Thyraves And Other Thylicious Things”

  1. Linda B Reed says:

    1. What really bothers me about “disease management” is that I never, ever know how I’m going to feel from day to day (hour to hour). I can’t volunteer my time/efforts near as much as I used to since I never know how I will be and hate to promise to help out and then have to ‘bail’ out!
    2. Success…hmm, that’s a good one! I just try to do my best everyday and explain to my friends/loved ones why some days I just can’t- that my heart is still there full-force, but my body just won’t join the team!
    3. I don’t explode often since I try to work through things before it gets that bad, but when I do, clipboards and other small objects have been known to fly- not aimed at anyone, but stay out of the way just in case! My main rant- Having so many creative ideas/energy on the inside, but not being able to express it most of the time due to physical limitations. 🙁
    4. A rave to share is that my friends and family really love and support me and do their best to be understanding and patient. They know the real me on the inside and realize that the outside is just a ‘shell’ that holds my true self/heart on the inside! 🙂

    • Misscc says:

      Wow….I could have written this ! I’ve been ‘living’ with so many symptoms over the last seven years. All of them came with the onset of menopause. I was diagnosed about 17 yrs. ago with hypoglycemia ( but I wonder if that was the beginning of perimenopause). I’ve seen so many doctors and had so many tests ( HIDA, CT scan,ultra sound, EDG,colinoscopy, blood tests,vitamin profile, TSH,T3 and T4).I was diagnosed in March of 2012 as with hypothyroid. They wanted me on Levothyroxine and some pills for depression (I’m not depressed)….I refused all of them.In Dec. of 2012 I saw another doctor who did more blood tests and the popular “TSH”. This time I’m told my work all came back ‘normal’,but she prescribed depression med’s ….really ?! My symptoms started to get worse so I started searching for a natural based clinic. Finally I found a very knowledgeable naturopathic doctor, and had more complete thyroid panel testing as well as hormone and adrenal/cortisol saliva tests. Sure enough they came back , all most all were out of balance ! Gee,imagine that! She has me taking some herbal supplements and also a natural progesterone supplement too. I had been feeling OK for a couple of weeks , but the last few have me feeling the symptoms are returning. Like you Linda, I never know how I will feel from moment to moment. I was always a very out-going person, not anymore! I don’t enjoy life. Mostly because I feel crappy most of the time. When I’m really out-of-wak , I feel lightheaded,shaky-racy inside my body. I also feel like I might faint at times. My eye sight has changed too. I now have to ware glasses for up-close and for distance, so all day I am taking off and putting on the darn glasses!I am 57 so I do know that the vision could be from my advancing age, but then maybe it is from the thyroid/hormone/adrenal issues. Stores are the worst! Focusing on all the different items on the shelves at different levels, is a total pain. I used to love shopping, now I don’t enjoy going anywhere. I virtually do not go anywhere anymore.If anyone reads this and has the same symptoms PLEASE write back….as I am not depressed, just totally frustrated !

  2. Donna says:

    Get your levels checked often in the beginning to create some sort of reference for yourself and then whenever you are not feeling like you should, don’t attribute your ailments to something else, react. Not in a lunatic sort of way but pay attention and draw correlations. Manage your levels, manage your levels and manage your levels.

  3. AnnaMKyle says:

    My RAIU preliminary report said they saw hot and cold nodules, but the final report says that the entire thyroid is homogeneous. Then my 24 hour uptake was 33.2% (15-25%) which says I’m hyper on the preliminary report, but says NORMAL on the final report.
    I’ve got ultrasound & MRI showing multinodular. My MRI showed lymphanopathy. The Dr said there’s no point in biopsy b/c I have so many and such a variety of nodules. He sait it’s a “no brainer” that it needs to come out. Now that my thyroid labs all came back within normal limits he’s saying we’re going to try some Synthroid to shrink it?!?!? Why would I take Synthroid if my RAIU said I’m hyper? If I have lymphadnopathy, hyper & hypo symptoms, and so many other reasons for the doc to be concerned about cancer, then WHY would we leave it in and wait?
    I’m so scared and confused. At this point I’m almost to weak to advocate for myself and I have no one with the time to come with me and get a straight answer.

    • HDinOregon says:


      Have you considered taking your results to another endo? A second opinion is always a good idea, especially when you’re having problems understanding the reasoning of your first doc.

      Also, I would definitely try get a second opinion before I let a surgeon go at it with a knife.

      Hope you’re feeling better soon!


      • AnnaMKyle says:

        Thanks. I’m actually looking forward to a second opinion, but that’s in November. I took the appointment with this guy because my original referal was made for the next available at the local teaching hospital back in July for November. Maybe I should have waited. LOL CrazyEndoMan said that the RAIU saying that I’m hyper was false and that I was really in the normal range on that test. He thinks I may have Hashimoto’s even though he didn’t bother with antibodies testing. I’m on 50 mcg/day of Synthroid to try to shrink this thing for now. I figured I’ll give it a try while I’m waiting. So far 4 days of Synthroid have left me with a 4 day migraine and 8 lb weight loss… mostly b/c I just don’t feel like eating at all.

  4. Lolly says:

    Hi Anna,

    Most important what did you lab results show not just the RAIU. Do ask for the lab results for your blood test for thyroid this will show if you are hyper or hypo. the labs you need are Free T4, Free T3 and TSH.
    If TSH is on the high side of normal or FT3/4 low side or under normal then this will indicate Hypo low TSH and high FT3/FT4 or hyper ask for those results along with the normal reference ranges for them.

    If it were me I would want to know what my actual lab results for thyroid levels showed before starting medication, did you Dr. give you any indication or reason for starting you on synthyroid?

    hopefully other will be along to support you too no-one should have to do it alone.
    Make a list of questions to ask your DR next time I am sure we can help you compose one.


  5. AnnaMKyle says:

    Thanks Lolly! My TSH was 1.8 (.2-3.8), T4 was 8.0 (5.9-12.5), T3 Uptake 31.80 (22.50-37.0%), T7 2.5 (1.3-4.6), TPO 24.1 (0.0-59.0) The only labs that were abnormal were potassium 3.2 (3.5-5.5) and my Triglycerides were 285 (10-140). On suppliments and a high potassium diet I’ve raise that one up to 3.9 so I have to continue suppliments and living off of potatoes, bananas, and yogurt.
    The doc said he wanted to try to shrink my thyroid with the Synthroid, but I thought that was something they did for goiters, not nodules. So on top of being completely exausted out of our minds we’re supposed to earn our PhD’s in Thyroid??? Thanks for the help. Between the lack of support and a confusing doctor I’ve about had enough and this is just the beginning!!!

  6. Weemah says:

    I am new to this site.not new to living without a thyroid. 3 years now. I am happy to be cancer free, but so tired of trying to feel even half way normal . for me the worst is my family. they all think I have dropped over some cliff into hypochondria and hormone hell. they all think that since the surgeon “got all the cancer”. I shouldn’t worry. and that all the symptoms I still have are just in my head. I feel like I am alone in a full house. It’s sad really, the people who love me most don’t get how hard this is.Someone tell me I am not alone in this isolation that I find myself living in.

  7. RachelPino says:

    H Weemah, You are not alone. I have had thyroid issues for years without knowing. It has been the most challenging thing in my life by far. Took 25 years to get a proper diagnosis. Neither doctors nor family could understand how I was feeling. It surely hasn’t been good. I would suggest you or anybody check out the information on stop the thyroid madness. There are great tips on how to get treated so you feel well.

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