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Why Me?

Post Published: 17 September 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid,

Why do you choose how sleep or when I have pain? I am so tired of being tired, in soreness when I walk a distance. My doctors say I’m fine.

You control my world when I heat outside you make perspire. You make it hard to get through a day. You make hard to wake up for my day to begin. I am always super tired to help my husband and not able to enjoy his company. I dislike being cold when it is nice outside. I’m getting sick of having tea and milk, yet you give me heartburn when you feel like I am taking care of you correctly.

I live with a wonderful man that is helping deal your issues. I am tired of every condition you give to my life miserable. You and I need to get along. I don’t want you to tell me how to act. It is depressing that you are playing Master of my life.  I am tired of not having to enjoy my walks or pretty soon, bicycle rides with my wonderful man because you have now granted me with asthma, which makes my life worse because I need more medicine once a month when I run out.

Why did you choose me or did someone else choose this life for me and you just helped? I feel I’m punished forever to bring harm to my wonderful husband, Scott. Scott I am sorry that my thyroid is messing up our marriage. I know you love me despite everything it is causing. Please forgive my thyroid.

Thyroid, I love you and hate you too. Please get along with me…We need to work together, not separately.


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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Why Me?”

  1. Amanda says:

    Such a great and passionate letter. I am with you on so many points, and feeling like we are controlled. Keep on fighting!


  2. Scott Rose says:

    Dear Faith: This is the other Scott in your life talking. Hang in there. The doctors will eventually titrate your medicine(s) properly; you will feel better. I can see the light at the end of the thyroid for you. When I was first diagnosed, it took me two years to feel like I wasn’t a pile of dirty rags. I used to tell my loved ones “Just use me to wash the windows with.” Today, I give those windows the finger. You’ll feel better eventually, and your husband is going to be sooooo happy he stuck it out with you. Yours in a ridiculous thyroid disease, Scott Rose

  3. Linda B Reed says:

    I can certainly understand how you feel because, now even without my thyroid, I still have the symptoms and my meds still are not right. Hang in there- at least we’re not alone and we have friends and loved ones who care and try their best to understand! Hugs to you! Linda 🙂

  4. Lori says:

    Hang in their Faith and keep fighting. Once I was diagnosed it took two years to find the right medication and the right dose that worked for me. Just because our labs might say we are in the “normal range” it does not mean we will feel well. Often we need to tweak the dose until we find where in that range we feel good. It is not the same for everyone. If your doc won’t let you try a higher dose, please consider finding another doctor. You are worth it! Also, sometimes T4 medication is not enough, if that’s what you are on, and you might need T3 added in that case. I’m so glad you have a supportive husband, it really makes a difference. Don’t feel bad because I’m sure he knows you would do the same for him.

  5. m says:


    There is a group here who understands your feelings. Your body is on a roller coaster ride and until you can attempt to get it under control, you feel as though you are forced to sit back and ride.

    Eventually the ride will come to a stop. Hopefully when it does, you begin to feel better and have some of your symptoms to subside.

    Life is too short to be a victim of this disease. One foot in front of the other…don’t lose sight that there are others here who will understand your burden. May we all benefit and learn from each other.

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