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NEW – Literary Thylicious Game

Post Published: 08 November 2010
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Today, we are playing ‘rename that disease and/or cancer’. Oh, are we going to have a laugh. In comments, whatever the name of your disease or cancer is; rename it.

For example, I call “Graves disease” the coffin, because it’s such a deathy sounding name to me.

What would you like to rename your disease? Whether you want to go funny, dark, irreverent, angry or sad, we want to hear your disease rename.

Ready? Set. Write!

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Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “NEW – Literary Thylicious Game”

  1. Em says:

    Today (it seems to change day by day – minute by minute even) it would be “ooh shiny”
    I am so incredibly distractable today. Focusing on one thing for more than a few . . . (ooh pretty, shiny! <—see what I mean? Now what was I talking about?)

  2. Debra says:

    Ok goiter I’m gonna call you “Chokey” because you love choking me so much.

  3. thy_r88gous says:

    MY BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY! sounds like a name for a new column series huh? its what i call my thyroid that has been affected by graves disease.

  4. Judanna says:

    Ironically, before I was sick at 16, my mom used to have this phrase expression “Hashigamashi Fever”. Weird that we later all got diagnosed as Hashimoto’s Thyroid ! Me first, the worst one, then as we all got tested, Mom & my 2 brothers were +. Later my husband & 2 children tested + & his family actually said he contracted it Sexually from me ! How insane !
    “MOSH PIT OH NO” is what I would call it ! You feel like people are just Smushing you sometimes, pressuring you to be like them,”Oh, I know what you need. . . .Blue Green Algae” (sure if you want Manic amts. of Iodine & toxic buggy parts) or “If you only exercised more often, you’d be in better shape” (I heard this one a lot over the last six years, but in retrospect no amt. of exercising would have made the cancer disappear !) “Oh, so did you gain a lot of weight in Italy ?” (No, dad actually I lost 10lbs, that’s normal for cancer.) That first creepy endocrinologist. . . “Oh, its such a nice little disease ! All you have to do is get your blood tested once/ year & take a little pill for the rest of your life” ( Is that what they teach you to say in Endocrinology PR 101 ?) You have a feeling like a PIT always stuck in your throat that hurts & no one can touch. MOSH PIT. And you are told in Chinese Medical School they call this feeling “PLumb PIT QI” for people with Liver Qi Stagnation who are generally constantly pissed off. HMMMMM if they only knew. We’re not pissed off, though sometimes we can’t Piss without burning ! We get so many damn colds that after awhile everthing tastes like MOSH potatoes ! And all those days in school sitting at a desk wanting to get the hell out of there, because you were achy or tired is like someone throwing you into the PIT of school. 18-26 years of this . . . don’t stick out . . .just blend. . . .MOSH yourself into someone else’s ideas. . . .the nail that sticks out gets hammered down ! . . . . And don’t forget our favorite. . . .GYM CLASS ! “MOSH PIT OH NO !”

  5. Amanda says:

    On bad days it is called the FUML Disease or Fuck Up My Life Disease…

    On good days I forget I have it, that is the best.


  6. Den says:

    I call it Voldemort (He who must not be named) as my friends and family are so fed up hearing about it that they have started the sideways glances!

  7. Den says:

    Oops meant to say Hypothyroid is The Dark Lord Voldemort!

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