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Micro Dear Thyroid Letters

Post Published: 30 November 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Joanna came up with a great idea, to write micro Dear Thyroid letters. We’re going to do this in comments on DearThyroid.org and on Twitter. In 140 characters (2 sentences), what do you want to say to your thyroid? What does your thyroid have to say to you? What do you want to write to your medication? Or your doctor? Whatever it is, WRITE IT – let’s share our Dear Thyroid micro letters in comments.

Ready? Set. Write!

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Reader Feedback

24 Responses to “Micro Dear Thyroid Letters”

  1. unearthingem says:

    Dear Thyroid, I know you’re dying. But can we leave my hands out of this please? They hurt!

  2. Linny says:

    My dear lost Thyroid,
    Well you are the first part of me to go. But please don’t blame me, nobody taught me how much I needed you, if I’d known what I now know I would have fought for you.
    It would seem the brilliant medical community haven’t found much use for you, “they” thought you were the equalent of a small pink, {did I say PIG} pill.
    Well if you had been part of their body I bet they would have signed up for the course!
    Instead” pay your bill, take your pill, now disappear. And if you keep bothering me I will tell everyone you’re disillusional.
    Oh and if you can, when you get to the pearlie gate, please see if someone will throw me a rope! I hope I do the “right” thing with it!
    Lovingly, Linny Miss you forever!

  3. Cindi says:

    Dear Thyroid,
    I know you tried until you died.
    But never fear, I’ll take it from here.

  4. Lori says:

    Dear Thyroid,Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

  5. Mary says:

    Dear Thyroid,
    They said you were dead but no after 35yrs and RAI you start bugging me again for 16yrs I told doctor after doctor soething is off. Ah but dear lady your thyroid is dead. Finally someone feels my neck and says hmm there’s a lump there hmm your TSH is getting lower and lower hmm let’s get a scan. Ah there she be a smidgen of thyroid tissue radiated yrs ago not looking real good but functioning and this time you brought friends baby thyroid cysts fluid filled and not solid ok so far no signs of cancer time will tell. And once again I’m the docs best friend cause this is so rare hmm what shall we do? Wait and wait we shall see. Not with love. Mary

  6. Jamie says:

    Dear Thyroid,
    I just love working out so much and eating like a bird and still putting on weight. You fucking suck. That is all.

  7. Joyce Ann says:

    Dear Thyroid,

    Why are you so wishy-washy? One week you are on strike; the next you are going into overdrive. You’re making me crazy!

    Joyce Ann

  8. yallolorry says:

    Dear thyroid

    why don’t they teach us about you in school? when you cause such a lot of trouble for so many people, why aren’t you talked about more?

  9. Stephanie says:

    Dear Thyroid,
    Why couldn’t you let me know the first time things weren’t working? Wasted years destroyed me and left it too late to save you.
    PS At the very least, I wish I’d known it was you before my mother died. She understood me best; deserved to have the real answer; would have helped me through it all.

    (With the postscript I think I wrote two micro-letters, but I didn’t have the energy to count characters.)

  10. Paula says:

    Dear Thyroid: Thank you for ruining everything. I mean, I am thankful we took care of everything, but you left me exhausted and confused!

  11. Julia says:

    Dear Thyroid,

    I sincerely apologize for having you annihilated.
    But, better you than me!

    Warm regards,

  12. Amanda says:

    Dearest Thyroid,
    I am sorry my immune system decided you were no good and raged a full on war. Glad you are at peace now, but don’t worry… I know the signs and it won’t torment you again.


  13. You all rock! These micro-letters are AWESOME! Keep writing, peeps.


  14. amy says:

    Dear Thyroid, Simply put, I feel like I got jacked. I hate that you are always looming over EVERYTHING! Not so warm regards, Amy

  15. amy says:

    Dear Thyroid, isn’t it sad when I say to my husband, “I think my thyroid jumped off the wagon. Oops, I mean fell off the wagon.” and he says, “knowing your thyroid it probably did jump off.” that I laugh hysterically and think it is the funniest thing in the world!? Seriously!

  16. Dear Thyroid says:

    THESE LETTERS ARE SO FLAWLESS. I LOVE THEM. Please, please, please keep writing.


  17. Joyce Ann says:

    Dear Thyroid,

    Where is the thyroid of old, the good years? Young, vibrant, healthy. Oh, how I miss you so. I regret having taken you for granted.


    Joyce Ann

  18. Lolly says:

    Dear Thyroid,

    How can I blame you it wasn’t your fualt you were just caught in the cross fire of a rat bastard fucking endo and those pesky fucking antibodies

  19. Y says:

    Dear Thyroid, it must hurt to get attacked daily. I know how you feel. I get laughed at and pointed at every day. Love, Bulging Eyes.

  20. amy says:

    Thyroid, you are trying to steal my joy. I hate you for that! My four yr old and six week old deserve so much more! I do not want to be the mom struggling with depression when I have so much to be joyful about…Up yours, thyroid.

  21. ldready says:

    Dear Thyroid, I didn’t know how much you meant to me until you were gone. I miss you.

  22. Sherri says:

    Dear Thyroid,

    For years you went on “acting” normal yet made me feel insane. And now that you were uncovered all you have done is cause me more pain. I had you removed because I thought it was best, then to find out your were a sneaky cancer instead…I would take the hoarse voice again, and feeling alive again, maybe not always sane, over the battling I have now just getting out of bed. Now everything is a fight, and everything else is a mess. You made me sick, and without I am even sicker…. How is this fair? Why did you go on pretending so long?

    I hate you, and miss you all in one…
    The little pain that replaces you just isn’t cutting it, and all I do is gain more weight. It is not fair!

    I hate you!

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