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Thyroid, if you Must Die, Why do you Insist on Trying to Take me with you?

Post Published: 01 June 2011
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid:

I don’t know much at all about you or why you have apparently been fighting against me most of my life. I know right now you’re hyper, but I recall times when you weren’t even making an appearance.

I know you don’t seem to like it sometimes when I have to do more than one thing at a time. I also remember thriving on jolts of your approval when I had diapers, laundry, dinner, phone, homework work, husband and friends, all needing my attention at the same time. I guess you’d get tired, too, though.

We would just hang out on the sofa for a bit, sometimes longer than others until it was time to whisk it all back together.

I’m so very sorry I didn’t find us a perfect husband who was loving and supportive. But I always did kinda like being independent. I’m sorry when he cheated the first time I got so wound up, but did you really have to try to kill me and my baby boy. My body was never meant to have blood pressure in the 200 range on both ends, Systolic and Diastolic.

Maybe if my son could’ve stayed in his comfy womb. Another six weeks and his lungs wouldn’t have had pneumonia so frequently, and maybe teachers wouldn’t call him a problem child or a bully, and maybe he could have friends, too.

I’ve learned a little about staying calm and I really appreciate the help losing the extra fifty pounds, but you can stop now.

People are asking what’s wrong. I’m sorry my daddy had to have cancer and I’m the only one he wanted, but he’s gone. They gave me medicine that keeps my heart rate from getting too high. There is this thing hurting my back. Did you send it? It started coming up between the bones in my spine and now it’s climbing up my spine pretty quickly toward you?

If it did come from you, could you please remind it that I have two kids that need me very much and I don’t really have a lot of help, so I really do need to be able to get around and think clearly for them?

I will get the doctors to take you out, if you really don’t like me that much. You don’t have to keep trying to hurt me.

Written by, Mary

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “Thyroid, if you Must Die, Why do you Insist on Trying to Take me with you?”

  1. Joanne Naso says:

    Mary, There is support on this site. You can rely on us. It seems like your inner strength and fortitude are amazing! You will be in my thoughts.

  2. suzyking says:

    thank you very much Ms. Naso, I haven’t accessed my profile hardly at all since posting or I would;ve gotten in touch much sooner. Since posting this I’ve started feeling alot better. Saw my endo for the first time and I have an ultrasound tomorrow. The ‘thing’ on my spine has stopped hurting as much and mri shows nothing so for now I will let well enough alone on that. My levels are: tsh-0.211 (yes I am hyper) free t3-3.1 free t4-1.52. Scans showed normal uptake, they say, and I have goiter with a nodule. My thyroid just kinda popped out there one day with the little lump right there on the top following soon after. I had more labs done as well as a check for antibodies. I wish I had a Dr. that would give me a straight answer instead of just ‘we have to see what the results say’. If they suspect cancer I wish they would just say so. idk it is what it is and I will move along with the grace of God leading whatever’it’ is. It does help to know someone gives a crap though. It makes me very sad to see how many of us are losing spouces and friends once we have passed our point of usefulness. All of this is just very frustrating. thank you again

  3. suzyking says:

    oh yeah…. guess I should’ve specified, this is my story. My middle name is Suzanne and I’ve always been called Suzy. ;))

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