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Life Through Lipstick Lenses: Rock Candy

Post Published: 16 September 2011
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Rock Candy- A soft baby pink lipstick

Have you ever been to a ‘Funhouse’ at a carnival?  I used to love them.  September inMichigan(as well as everywhere else) begins the season of the haunted houses and corn mazes gearing up for Halloween.  For those of you unfamiliar with a corn maze, it’s basically a haunted maze through a giant cornfield; every turn or wrong turn brings on something to scare you into a different direction.  Why is that considered fun?  Again, I used to love them.  I drove past one today and it reminded me of having cancer.  Overall, it’s not a fun time, you go one way, then the other, you hit dead ends, and every turn of events scares you…it stinks.  The good news is, is there’s always an exit.  With the funhouse, the exit leads to the sights and sounds (and food) of a carnival…FUN!  With the corn maze, the exit leads to a bonfire, hayride, and more FUN!

I recently received great news that the cancer cells found in my neck last June (for the fourth time) have not yet developed into any tumors. I again experienced that hesitant joy of good news but the operative word was ‘yet’.  They will check again in four months.  I have been through this maze before but for now, I get to exit for four months.  For the past four years, I feel as if I have been living in 3-6 month increments. Every scan, surgery, and recovery of this ‘easy’ cancer has taken me around a different bend.  It’s been interesting, scary, crazy, but for now, I’ll take that exit and enjoy my cotton candy, elephant ear, and the sights and sounds of life.

I chose Rock Candy because it looks like cotton candy…a little sugar always makes me smile!

written by Anna Warner

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2 Responses to “Life Through Lipstick Lenses: Rock Candy”

  1. Anne says:

    I hear ya, Anna!! I live in 6 month increments for this “easy” cancer. Going back in December for the next round of testing to see when they go back in to take the “mutant cells” in a lymph node that didn’t respond to RAI after surgery and again at the one-year mark. Your analogy of the Funhouse is right on the mark!! That is exactly what living with thyroid cancer is all about. Don’t forget that we’re all in it with you!!

    Enjoy the hell out of that cotton candy!!


    • Anna says:

      Thanks Anne! Yes, ‘easy’ has brought me three surgeries, RAI, and external beam radiation. After my fist large dose of RAI they decided I was resistant to it and remember those mirrors in the funhouse? I’m looking at the fat one right now…oh that thyroid. Good luck to you and enjoy your cotton candy too!


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