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Tea(-4) Time with Tracy: Week of October 16th

Post Published: 16 October 2011
Category: Autoimmune Doctors, Autoimmune Thyroiditis and Symptoms, Column, T4 Time With Tracy
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Wow, another week. Boy does life change quickly. Another week of physical therapy and working out at the gym has gone by. I’m continuing to exercise, hoping it eventually pay off by alleviating my knee pain and improving my overall health in general!

I have an endocrinologist appointment on Tuesday afternoon, and I’m hoping I can come back next week with some uplifting news. I’ll be sure to let everyone know what happens!

Until then…

Sending much love and support your way,



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Reader Feedback

8 Responses to “Tea(-4) Time with Tracy: Week of October 16th”

  1. Lolly says:

    Good luck with your endo’s appointment. I’m dieting and exercising more and think it is paying off. I feel so much better for it, although there are still days when my joints ache. Hope the exercise helps you knee.


    • Tracy Goldberg says:

      Thanks Lolly! My knees seem to be getting better with the physical therapy. There are days when they ache a bit, but they’re way better than they were.

      Thanks so much for asking!


  2. d1987 says:

    Hey Tracy,

    I’m 24, and recently they discovered high anti-TPO levels in my blood… 500 units while it should be under 35.

    My doctor is pretty sure it’s Hashimoto, like you, the 6th of December I got my first appointment at the endocrinologist.

    ‘Nice’ to hear that there’s someone going through the same process at the moment.

    I still find it hard to realize somehow… And, been trying to figure out how long I’ve been having this already… and, most probably since the start of puberty…

    Take care!


    • tracegoldb says:

      Thanks for sharing Kim! I hope you’re feeling well. I agree, its ‘nice’ to have shared experiences, such as these, with others. It’s very comforting to know you’re not alone. I really hope your endo appointment goes well. Be sure to let me know, I’d LOVE to hear! I was in a very similar situation…I wasn’t quite sure, and I’m still not sure, how long I have been living with Hashimoto’s. Most likely the start of puberty, as well. What is your TSH?

      Hope to hear from you soon,


  3. d1987 says:

    Hey Tracey,

    I’m from Holland, for starters, so I don’t know if it’s the same way of testing… but I believe my TSH was near 14.

    From all the information I read on the internet they will most probably make it over 20…

    All my bloodwork is still in the ‘normal’ range, but I have all the symptoms there are… And I really don’t feel good, been going to doctors for years, saying I don’t feel good… been to psychologists, food counselors… everything… Psychologists can’t find why I’m depressed, food counselors can’t find why I’m overweight.

    Till I went to the last food counselor… She put me on a scale, and it said my metabolism is close to zero… Then she did another test and it said I had a big chance of having a thyroid problem. She told me to get it tested… and I did. And here we are.

    I just wish there was more awareness for thyroid problems, then people like you and me do not have to walk with symptoms and almost start to feel crazy cause you can not get control over the things you’re dealing with. Just one simple blood test can save people trouble for so many years…

    Since, you’re pretty much in the same situation as I am, I think I’ve had it since the start of puberty too… I’ve been wondering if some symptoms belong to Hashimoto but I can’t find them on any symptom list. I’ve had a very bad time with growing pains in puberty… there were occasions I couldn’t even walk… My kneecaps didn’t grow well, and now I got very small kneecaps which are still bothering me. And all my joints snap every day a few times, if you know what I mean…

    I’ve been wondering if it could be a symptom, since I can’t find any symptoms on what extra harm it causes on children/teens with hashimoto.

    Hope you didn’t think I talk too much… it’s been a lot!


  4. tracegoldb says:

    Wow, your TSH was at 14? Initially, my TSH was at about 7.9. I’m very sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I experienced very similar symptoms as yours. I did suffer from terrible joint pain, where my knees would ache especially.

    My best advice would be to get to an endocrinologist as soon as possible.

    I’m very glad that you shared this with me. If you need anything, or have any questions, you can email me anytime at tracy@dearthyroid.org. I hope your doctor figures out the right medication that works best for you.


    • d1987 says:

      Turns out I’ve been very wrong, it was late last night, and now got my results on hand since I’m going to take them to the psychologist today.

      I’ll just write them all down.

      TSH: 4 (should be between 0.40-4.0)
      t4 free thyroxine: 14.7 (10-24)
      t3 triiodothyronine: 1.7 (1.2-3.2)
      t3 free thyroxine: 4.6 (3-8)
      Anti-Thyroid TG: <20 (<35)
      Anti-TPO: 500 (<35)

      So these are my results, they're still within the normal range eventhough my TSH is pretty high. But since my Anti-TPO is way too high (only one not within normal range) I will get treatment.

      Most probably I'll get medication the first time that I visit the endocrinologist…

      She wants me to do another round of bloodwork, and somehow I also got these weird thoughts running through my mind "What if my Anti-TPO is normal then?"…

      But I guess it can't just drop down to a normal range again. And, I've been messing up TSH & t4 again… I should imprint my bloodwork better in my brain… Sorry for the inconvenience.


      • tracegoldb says:

        Don’t about it, I mess that up all the time too. I’ve been trying to stay organzied with my files so I can document my TSH, T-4, T-3 and Anti-TPO. I’m also doing another round of bloodwork in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully my TSH will be below 3…fingers crossed. Hope everything goes well! 🙂


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