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Saturday January 18th 2020


Family Letters

Dear Thyroid Family Letter Submissions

In Dear Thyroid’s opinion, everything our respective diseases and, or cancers has taken from us, it has taken from our families. They’ve watched a disease they couldn’t control devour, and in some cases, almost annihilate someone they love.

We’re not alone; at least we don’t think we are, in wondering and needing to know how our disease affects our families. Not to marginalize the thyroid patient experience, is it naive to think otherwise? Is it disrespectful to exclude their stories as equally relevant and important? Don’t we have a responsibility to know what our thyroids took from them, too? And not just to fill in the gaps of our lives. Rather, to genuinely understand the depth of their pain as a means of catharsis for them.

Many of us try to place ourselves in their shoes. We genuinely want to see, hear and feel, and understand what it would be like to be on the other side of our disease, the textures and range of emotions, the heightened rage, the frustration, the helplessness all accompanied by unreserved heartache. Imagine?!

Families of thyroid patients, you are cordially invited to write, submit a video or audio letter to your loved one’s thyroid. We hope you grant yourself permission to allow a torrential rain of emotions to pour into the page (video/audio) not for us, the patients; rather for yourselves. Your stories, your experiences of thyroid disease and thyroid cancer, separate from ours, is equally important and relevant.

We implore and encourage families to please, please, please write or record their Dear (Insert Name’s) Thyroid letter.

Dear Thyroid Family Letters We Accept:

  • Thyroid Family Letters: A written, video’d or audio record letter from family members who have been affected by their loved one’s thyroid, addressed to “Dear Name’s Thyroid”.

When Submitting Dear Thyroid Letters, please include the following:

  • Each letter should begin with Dear (insert name here’s Thyroid): as each letter is from you to your loved one’s thyroid.
  • A short bio (25-50 words)
  • A link to your Blog, Website, Twitter, Facebook or other site that you claim space on, if you have one.
  • There is NO word count.
  • All submissions should be sent to submissions@dearthyroid.org and dearthyroid@gmail.com
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