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Saturday January 18th 2020


Thylit Other

Other Literary Submissions Accepted by Dear Thyroid

Thykus (Created by Mike Wilson)
Thyetry (Created by Phyllis Capello)
Thysongs (Created by Zari, Robyn and Lolly)

And any other Thylit that you can think of and create, submit it. Dear Thyroid is about patients and families expressing themselves in ways that is most organic to them.

What is a Thyologism, you ask?

Part of Dear Thyroid’s brand is creating words, evidenced in many Dear Thyroid Letters and columns; in our Dear Thyroid Products, and in our Tweets and Facebook posts, as is creating words by our community.

True to Dear Thyroid form, the below is an example of a Thyologism:

Thymentia noun

  • Origin: Hunters from the Paleolithic era who overslept, or forgot what their weekly hunting quota was were relegated to Gatherers. Upon forgetting what they were supposed to gather, they were eventually,  thrown out of their clans, left to fend for themselves.
  • Definition: Of or pertaining to, any type of thyroid or autoimmune thyroid disease that causes forgetfulness, brain fog, word loss, memory loss, and a compulsion to overcompensate.  Feeling chronically stupid is normal, as is spiraling low, to no,  self-esteem.

While the original plan was to tie Thyologisms in with monthly contests, and while we still will, our thyliterary community is so damn creative and brilliant, we welcome each and every Thyologism you wish to submit. As we do with letters and Thyrgraphs, we will post them independently, unless they are tied to a contest.

What is a Thygraph, you ask?

A thylyfestive short story or paragraph in 200-500 words; though usually tied to a contest that we might be running on Dear Thyroid, we’ve decided to broaden the spectrum, to include Thygraphs as individual submissions.

Writing a letter is difficult. Not everyone is ready to spin their full yarn. We also realize that Thyrants might not be long enough for people to express themselves. Therefore, if anyone wants to submit a Thygraph as an individual submission, we welcome you and your glandly or glandless thygraphs.

As we do with letters and Thyologisms, we will post them independently unless they are tied to a contest.

When Submitting any Thylit, please include the following:

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