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Saturday January 18th 2020


Video/Audio Letters

Dear Thyroid Video and Audio Letter Submissions

Because not everyone is comfortable penning a Dear Thyroid Letter, we thought it would be great to allow patients to submit video and audio Dear Thyroid Letters.

The ability for women, teens and men to communicate to their thyroids, and from their thyroids can be enormously cathartic. As well as communicating via letter to insurers, health care expenses, doctors, and any other types of video and audio letters that the community can think of, we want you to submit.

Speaking up and out about our diseases creates awareness, makes us feel less isolated and breeds solidarity.

By expressing ourselves as we see fit, using language that we define as appropriate for our individual selves, Dear Thyroid is and remains the community’s video/audio literary sanctuary, to express: rage, sorrow, irreverence, humor and happiness about the community’s experience of their  thyroid disease, thyroid cancer or whatever thyroid issues each community member is facing or faced.

Please note: the below bullet points are guidelines. Meaning,  if you have an idea for a video or audio letter that you wish to write and submit, send it! We’d love to share it with the Dear Thyroid community. Don’t be shy. We welcome and embrace creativity and candor. Your videos and words are treasure troves.

As our slogan states: “Healing our thyroids one letter at a time”. This means, the community is free to send as many video and audio letters as it takes. There is no limit to how many Dear Thyroid Letters a patient can write and submit.

  • Dear Thyroid Video/Audio Letters from Patients: Whether you’ve had or are currently dealing with any type of thyroid issue, addressed as follows, “Dear Thyroid”
  • Dear Patient’s Video/Audio Thyroid Letters: From thyroids to patients, addressed as follows, “Dear Patient’s Name Thyroid”
  • Dear Insurer: Video/Audio Letters from patients to their insurance companies “Dear (Host or Hostess’s Name’s) Insurance Company (or simply “˜Dear Insurance Company’).
  • Dear Doctor Video/Audio Letters: “Dear Doctor” from host or hostess’s name

When Submitting Dear Thyroid Letters, please include the following:

  • Each letter should begin with one of the aforementioned bullet points.
  • A short bio (25-50 words)
  • A link to your Blog, Website, Twitter, Facebook or other site that you claim space on, if you have one.
  • Please limit videos and audios submissions to 3-5 minutes.
  • All submissions should be sent to submissions@dearthyroid.org and dearthyroid@gmail.com
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