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Marco Thylo Thygiving And Glanding Along, Let’s Dish!

Post Published: 26 November 2009
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To our American readers, Happy Thygiving. may your thyroids gland calmly in the canyon today.

Before we get started, that sounds so seminaree, please pardon the rather jacked font issues we’re having on the site. I think the site’s hyperthyroid. One day, the font is Georgia, the next it’s Times New Roman. We are in the process of resolving these issues. Kindly give us a few days. Thank you for your patience. My apologies for the inconvenience.

We are still continuing our Dear Thyroid Local Meet Ups. In fact, we’ve added two new cities. The online support and community that we’ve created as a family is outstanding. Offline support has enormous power, too. It brings us closer to each other and makes us feel less alone, evidenced by the Pembroke, MA meet up. Please join us. Email Katie@dearthyroid.com and provide me with your location and email address. I will connect you with Dear Thyroidians in your city. One meet up can lead to monthly meet ups and support groups. How exciting is that?!

We’ve just launched “Wearing My Disease On My Sleeve┞¢“, an endeavor that we believe will further our collective objective, to drag our asses out of the Thyloset, empower ourselves and change the face of thyroid diseases and cancers. I believe in us, and our collective power to invoke change. Who wants in?!

We’ve revised our “About Us” page, which includes our Positioning Statement and our Mission Statement. I digress, please forgive the jacked font and spacing issues, we’re working on it.

We have a very exciting new kind of Meet Up that we’re deploying, created by two of our very own community members, Lolly and Billie. They’ll be sharing with us shortly.

In December, we are launching a really exciting Blog Tour hosted by Dear Thyroid called “Thyoliday Blues and Truths”. We’ll be introducing the community to some kick ass bloggers in the thyroid disease and thyroid cancer communities. If you’re interested in participating, we’d love to have you! Please email katie@dearthyroid.com for details. (Special Thanks to our good friend @leahjones for this thytastic idea.)

Searches to be posted next week. As you can see, lots of change in the Gland Canyon continues, but it’s pretty damn good change, donchya think?



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6 Responses to “Marco Thylo Thygiving And Glanding Along, Let’s Dish!”

  1. Statements? Meet ups! I’m so amazed by this community and best thing I ever got because of my darn goiter.

    Dear Thyroid = awesome.

  2. BEE says:

    Oh crap, Lolly…the pressure’s on…and we’re just throwing around names for our get-together…ayny new suggestions? I’d list mine but I don’t want to give it away. you go first . You’re like mikey…and your thballs and thoobs are bigger than mine (plus I’m pretending that you’re older than me and since I always respect my elders,the ball’s in your court) I guess we have to take in the waxing and waning of the moon and Greenwich mean time and oceans and sunrise and sunsets…do you think I’ve peaked their curiosity, Lolly?

  3. Lolly says:

    Oh Holy shit..no pressure at all you hypo me possibly hyper makes for a great, well don’t wanna peaks (did I spell that write) game away yet sent you and email with suggestions from the new Thybabs of DT..

    Never mind the time I can work round it infact time has no meaning to me late to bed and early to rise I must think I’m a thyrush(bird)

    You got the boarding tickets yet.

    Katie girl email awaiting you, Thyumbs up from me for the idea.

    Billie come on we got to arrange this now. I think you may have peaked someone curiosity Mine!!!! WTF are we talking about.

  4. Lolly says:

    Bee now I got you confused don’t I?

    Only I know what I am talking about. glad we arranged things I can’t wait.


  5. dearthyroid says:

    Rebecca, you’re awesome! We absolutely ADORE YOU!!!

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