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O Thyroid! My Thyroid!

Post Published: 13 July 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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I move slowly, suspended in gel

Perhaps no one else except me can tell

A shadow of my former life,

a fading woman; mother; wife

My clock winds down, reflexes slow

Waning desire to come and go

As if I’m trapped in slower motion

Less vitality to face life’s growing commotion

At 20, a swelling in my throat;

At 30, weighed down by a heavy coat;

At 40, I begin to despair

At 50, I mourn my falling hair

The doctors tell me that I’m all right;

Though I can no longer go out at night

They tell me it’s all in my head;

When morning comes, I’m still in bed

They give me Prozac; I’m a mess,

Feeling that “I” am less and less

I know something’s wrong, I can’t do my best;

I’ve lost desire, lost my zest

They tell me just to exercise,

To trim my growing waist and thighs

The models from magazines laugh in my face

As I look at them, I see a trace

Of my former self, who I “could” be

If I could only find the key

“Unlock this door – this is not me!”

I demand to find my vitality

I am not old, my desire’s not cold;

I simply must find someone I trust

To walk with me on this lonely road;

To help relieve this heavy load

To help me find my former self,

So I can put this Prozac back on the shelf

So I can live my fullest life,

So I can be his fullest wife

So I can be their fullest mother;

Without wishing I could be another

There was a woman, too tired to care;

She laid on the couch, and simply stared

Her toddler wandered out the door;

And she, too tired to arise once more

The baby crawled out and down the hill;

But she was unable to find the will –

To arise and seek her precious child,

All because of  Hypothyroid – Mild

Her child drowned in shallow water;

Because her doctor wouldn’t order

A standard bottle of thyroid pills;

She simply couldn’t find the will

The thyroid is a tiny gland;

Though small indeed it can command

The thyroid can command the will

Through a simple cream, or a combined pill

It can make the difference

In the quality of life;

Can turn a shadow back into a wife;

Can restore the will of a tired mother;

Struggling to care for her beloved other.

It can help one be her fullest self;

Help others put Prozac back on the shelf

When functioning well it can restore our health;

Help us create love and wealth

It’s because of finding the proper amount;

That I stand before you with blessings to count

Its’ the little meds that help me think;

That brought me back from a lonely brink

It’s cheap, and quickly can restore

The will to live in millions more

Why should so many suffer in pain,

When someone like you can help them gain –

their dignity, strength and self esteem

from a compounded solution or a cream?

I urge you to help them to repair

The damage to their skin and hair,

The exhaustion that has overtaken their life

The courage to be a full mother or wife

Fathers, brothers, and animals too

Can benefit from what we’re telling you

That thyroid is a simple cure

For millions who walk in through your door

Help them to take a different track;

To gain their strength and vitality back

Help them to know the simple truth;

They’ll consider you a sayer or sooth

It’s truly not a mystery,

Simply a matter of finding the key

Help them unlock the door to health;

And to put toxic medicines back on the shelf!

Presented by: Karilee Shames, PhD, RN (Added by Katie, and thyroid patient advocate). PCCA International Seminar. January 2003. www.feelingFFF.com

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Reader Feedback

14 Responses to “O Thyroid! My Thyroid!”

  1. Anna says:

    Thank you for sharing. This touched me deeply. I struggle daily with feeling like I am failing my family and not doing my wifely and motherly duties.

  2. Karen says:

    I can only mirror what Anna has already said Karilee, thank you, it touched me very deeply too.

  3. Linny says:

    You have written a beautiful touching poem.
    Thank you for sharing, I am sorry for your pain and I care so much….sending a hug, love, Linny

  4. Bee says:

    I have been on this road and completely understand…thx

  5. Miriam says:

    Great poem….can so relate 🙂

  6. Donna says:

    Thank you for this amazing poem. It really helps to know that others experience similar emotions. I hope you are doing well.

    Donna xoxo

  7. faith72 says:

    Great poem because I was told,I need to moving instead of in bed. I,then,endure trying to take my medication on daily basis and move like it is easy. I know how that feels in alot of ways.Thank you

  8. amy says:

    All is I can say is wow..

  9. HDinOregon says:

    Terrific poem Karilee! – You said it so eloquently in rhyme. Great job!

    HD in Oregon

  10. Sarah Downing says:

    Wow, Karilee! What a way with words you have. Your poem touched me deeply and I know that so many people can relate.

  11. Sandi says:

    I can so relate with this post having hashimoto’s for 34 years. Why do my friends think it is just a simple get up and exercise and I will be fine and lose the weight. No one realizes unless they live it how hard it is to be inside a body that has no actively functioning thyroid and only medicine controls the metabolism. Thank you for your post.

  12. I am grateful to Katie for posting this poem that I wrote nearly 2 decades ago.

    I am happy to tell you all that I am doing very well; yes, it has been a long and convoluted journey, but well worth the effort.

    So much more to say but we have our 3rd thyroid book (Thyroid MindPower) due to the editor tomorrow!!! Stay tuned,

    wishing each of you great success on your journey to health. Know that you never walk alone.

    Love Karilee Shames (Thyroid Power, Feeling Fat Fuzzy or Frazzled books)

  13. Dear Thyroid says:


    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful poem. We’re so excited about your new book.

    Everyone – Under books and advocacy, you can find links to Karilee’s website and books.


  14. Lolly says:


    Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.


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