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Oh, Dear, Dear Thyroid, Your Gland Can Be Grand Or…

Post Published: 04 August 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Instead of posting a written Dear Thyroid Letter, we thought we’d turn it over to the community today, to write one. No matter how long or short, whether you want to write to your gland or from your gland, we want to hear from YOU, in comments.

  • Dear Thyroid, I love you today because…
  • Dear Thyroid, I hate you today because…
  • Dear Thyroid, I’m so perplexed by you today, I don’t know if I’m on spin or rinse…

Those are just a few ideas.

Ready? Glands a steady? Write!

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Reader Feedback

13 Responses to “Oh, Dear, Dear Thyroid, Your Gland Can Be Grand Or…”

  1. Faren says:

    Dear Thyroid,
    I am trying to love what’s left of you. I am so sorry for how our relationship has gone in the past. The family history made me think I knew everything I needed to know; grow a goiter -> have it removed -> take a pill every day -> problem solved! Holy crap was I naive, sadly misinformed, and seeing doctors who I now consider incompetent when it comes to endocrine and autoimmune diseases. Maybe, if I’d known then what I know now I could have saved most of you from being cut out of my throat. But, would you still have grown the cancerous nodule? Maybe I would have needed to have you removed anyway. Maybe the last 10 years of my life wouldn’t have been spent drowning in misery suffering from practically every hypo symptom possible because I trusted my endo when he said my blood work was “normal”. I still have a small part of you in me. So here’s the deal. If you promise not to grow that little nodule any bigger I promise to fix the rest of my hormonal mess (are you listening to this my lovely adrenals??!!) and live as healthy a lifestyle as I can so that the little pill I take every day will do it’s job. I’m still a work in progress but I feel better now and I have a fantastic nurse practitioner who listens to me and orders the right tests. So don’t worry, my broken butterfly. You just rest and sleep like a good little piece of thyroid and let me keep working on getting better.

  2. Dear Thyroid says:


    SO BEAUTIFUL. So honest and beautifully written. I agree with you “Good little piece of thyroid and let me keep working on getting you better”. What a healthy, inspiring outlook.

    You’re persevering and winning the war on thyroid disease and cancer. Very proud of you.


  3. nicholle says:

    Dear Thyroid: I love you today because I managed to sleep for 6 hours last night. Thanks for that small reprieve; it makes me feel less crazy and mean today.

  4. Monica says:

    Dear Thyroid-less,

    I ♥ you today because the joy is returning inside of me since I had to replace you with a stranger a year ago. I switched meds 3 weeks ago, began taking Armour, and I am feeling better than I have since I don’t know when … :)YAY!!

    ☮ ♥

  5. HDinOregon says:

    Hmm, where did I put that phone number? … Ah, here it is:



    “Hello? .. Hello? .. Thyroid? .. Thyroid are you there?”

    [listening to automated taped reply]

    “This number has been disconnected and is no longer in service”

    [Hanging up]

    [Feeling sad]

  6. Amanda says:

    Dear Thyroid, I love you today because… you are feeling better which means I am feeling better. I love that you worked hard without acknowledgment for all those years. I love you today because you are again chugging away to make my whole body well. I love you today because you brought me to this great place called Dear Thyroid. And I love you because you brought me to what I believe is the best general practitioner that I could have found. She told me today, “I am kind of a big deal around here” then she laughed “Just kidding, but I am very aware of thyroid and I find nodules no-one else notices”. You done alright thyroid. We are on a good path.

    Mmmmwwwwah. Love ya.

  7. Linda says:

    Dear Thyroid,

    Did I say “dear”? Let me rethink that. You haven’t been pulling your weight as of late so that means I am draggin more behind! And since you have decided to not pull your weight and do your job, all the other glandular guys are following your lead. If I talk sweet will you please start doing your job and talk to the rest of the glandular guys? They need a good example and I would really appreciate it if you would show them how it is done. We used to work so well together and now it doesn’t seem like anything I do is good enough to make you work like you used to or dammit,like you are supposed too!

    Were you jealous because no one including me didn’t pay you any attention? I was the social butterfly and you were the unknown butterfly. Well I get your point now, you have more dates than I do these days(drs appointments) and its a crying shame that you have to drag my tired old not regulating to the correct temperature body around with you. I guess this is what I get for not introducing you around when you were going all those places with me.

    Well, it’s ok now, I guess I am the one along for the ride.

    Last time you went out Doc reduced your pills, this time you went back and he changed it back ! Would you please pick a nice steady date? I think he has forgotten all about you since the last time you saw him. Maybe you should find a doc you like that will do you right instead of jerking you around like this !

    I haven’t forgotten the good old days. Have you? Are we ever going out when I feel good again! I promise to introduce you to my next date.

    Your Heavy Load to Bear,

  8. Casey says:

    Dear thyroid,

    My father told me about you a few weeks ago. All my life I had never paid attention to you because I never thought you would be the problem. I knew I was a genetic carbon copy of his bad genes: high triglycerides, type II diabetes, pot-belly, unexplainable weight gain, thick hair, glasses, chronic and annoying forgetfulness… I even ignored, for a time, my mom’s advice to get my blood checked or ask my doctor about these issues (minus the thick hair… thank you, dad, for the thick hair!) because I am only 25! Why would I even be close to having diabetes or any other of those conditions?

    Like I said earlier, my father told me about you a few weeks ago. He said he was taking medicine for you and encouraged me to start paying attention to you.

    Lately, I have been resigning myself to just accept the fact that I am a lazy person. I have been taking three naps a day (thank goodness for my occupation as a teacher and being off during the summer), can’t find the energy to keep the house presentable, and having to make a trip five miles to see my family feeling like a big to-do. Then I took my mom and dad’s advice: I asked about you. I went to the doctor and had my blood tested. Diabetes? Nope. High triglycerides? No way. Hypothyroidism? Bingo.

    Thyroid, I am only 25 years old… much too young to have to take pills everyday for the rest of my life. In fact, once my prescription was filled, I wasted an entire day feeling nauseated after drinking a glass of milk shortly after taking your medicine without reading about your medicine. Why? Why would you punish me with my favorite beverage? After reading about my medicine, I have learned what foods to avoid to help it work better, and I have learned my lesson to wait a little longer to drink milk.

    One week later, I have to say, I think you’re getting better. Yes, I am mad at you, but my diagnosis could have been so much worse… I almost feel guilty complaining about you as I don’t have cancer… just one little pill a day.

    The other day I drove across town to buy a nice salad for lunch. Just being able to get out was something I have missed doing! I feel like you’re slowly remembering what a metabolism is. Thank you.

    My journey with you is far from over. I need to do more research about you. I also need to have more blood work done to make sure you’re working up to speed. Thank you, though, for accepting the meds and making me feel a little better.

    Can we work together, thyroid? In just a week you have become the center of my life due to the mystery that surrounds you.

    School starts up again for us tomorrow. We can do this… we can be well together, can’t we? I hope we can 🙂

    Your gal,

  9. Lolly says:

    Dear thyroid,

    This a complaint letter to say you didn’t keep your end of the deal you broke the contract I want a refund but you have left and I have no Idea where.

    The replacement goods I got could never hold a candle to you, i want my health back, I want my body back but most of all I want you back. so wherever you are I hope you are happy because you left me broke desolate and in dept to everyone else.

    Yours fucked off, hacked off,pissed off


    • Leslie says:

      Dear Lolly-


    • Leslie says:

      Dear thyroid:
      I miss you! Not that horrible possible interwined amongst you, but you!!!! I sit in my cubicle drowsing wondering where you are??? Are you on a shelf somewhere?? have you been incinerated???
      Can’t we try this again? No matter what people try to tell me. Life will NEVER be the same without you!

  10. Dear Thyroid says:

    I just want you to know that reading all of these letters has literally brought me to tears. I’M JUST SO IN AWE OF YOU. We want to publish each of these as a stand alone Dear Thyroid Letter on on DearThyroid.org – THESE STORIES, YOUR STORIES, ARE SO IMPORTANT AND NEED TO BE SHARED.

    Beautiful work.


  11. sadiemac says:

    Dear Thyroid,

    I haven’t decided yet if I love you or hate you, and I’m pretty sure your feelings toward me are just as undecided. I don’t even know if you’re the reason I’m losing my mind or if you’re just a convenient scapegoat that I have invented to absorb the extra self-loathing that I can no longer contain. I’m pretty sure that you’re the cause of all this. You can play innocent and hide behind those borderline labs for a while; you can keep quietly growing and pretend the mood swings aren’t your fault. I cry, I scream, I break things, I cry some more, and then I fantasize about putting my face through a glass window, or maybe taking a swan-dive from that certain cliff, or maybe…maybe I’m just genuinely fucking nuts. Only a crazy person uses suicidal thoughts as the pressure release valve that gets her through her day, right? The thing is, my darling little gland, I didn’t use to be a crazy person. Up until 3 years ago, which by some strange coincidence is exactly when your labs became a little off, I was the rock that everyone else counted on. I was grounded, patient, kind, and blessed with a mind and memory that held ideas like a steel trap. Something sure came along and wiped that amazing woman out of existence, and you’re the one with her tail feathers hanging out of your grinning mouth. You can blame away the crazy all you want, but how do you explain the clumps of hair in the tub, on the floor, in the brush, in the strangest damn places? I find a piece of my hair where it shouldn’t be found at least 10 times a day. Is it just a coincidence that I suddenly developed insomnia for the first time in my life? Strange too, that the beta blocker that has kept my errant heart in check for 12 years just suddenly stopped working and the old familiar racing is back. Are you suicidal too? I want to keep you, I want us to be whole together, but the doctor thinks that you should go. I’m on the fence, so stop trying to push me over it.

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