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Monday June 17th 2019



If you’ve written about Dear Thyroid, but don’t see the news here, please contact us: Press@dearthyroid.org. Thank you for your interest and support of Dear Thyroid and Thyroid awareness.

  • Dear Thyroid’s outstanding and celebrated organic OB/GYN and columnist, Dr Sara Gottfried was interviewed in the San Francisco Examiner. Evidence-based Ancient Medicine Woman Wisdom with Dr. Sara Gottfried – Bravo!
  • Bravo Mary Shomon for celebrating WeGoHealth’s activism and support of thyroid awareness! WeGoHealth.com Marks Thyroid Awareness Month With Interviews of Thyroid Patient Activists
  • WeGoHealth: Is all about empowering health activists. They have a rich and diverse health community of dedicated and inspiring activists. The WeGohealth team is outstanding. Amanda (@WeGoAmanda) was kind enough to interview Dear Thyroid. “Interviewing Activists: Part One“. Interviewing Activists: Part Two: (With Katie Schwartz)
  • Dear Thyroid Moderates New Cancer Community on CancerConnect.com
  • Mary Shomon’s Top Blog Choices included Dear Thyroid and a review
  • Mary Shomon’s Thyroid.About.com Thyroid Blogger Choices included Dear Thyroid and a Review
  • Dear Thyroid: An Interview with Katie Schwartz and Liz Schau by Mary Shomon, award winning author, writer, and creator of the renowned newsletter “Sticking out our Necks”. Mary Shomon has also been the Thyroid.About.com Guide since 1997. She’s a fierce thyroid patient advocate and founder of the Save Natural Thyroid Coalition and Thyroid Info.
  • Dear Thyroid offers their readers a literary outlet for writing about their experiences.  Dear Thyroid‘s Editor in Chief Robyn Davis Hahn recalls, “We had new visitors, first time posters,  and some of our “regulars” all compose hundreds of submissions, each one deeply personal, and yet universal, about the disease we share and how it has affected our lives…,  Please click to read the rest of the interview.
  • The Top Ten Thyroid Stories of the Decade“, Written by renowned Thyroid Patient Advocate and Author, Mary Shomon. Mary’s article is a beautiful call to action for awareness of thyroid diseases and cancers. Similarly, her article illustrates the progress we’ve made over the past decade, it’s a must read. Under “More books and websites about thyroid disease launched“, Mary included Dear Thyroid as a patient advocacy site, among other terrific sites. “Thyroid disease has also taken the web by storm! Major sites expanded their thyroid coverage, and popular patient advocacy sites were started, including the fantastic site Dear Thyroid, founded by Katie Schwartz and edited by Liz Schau to provide an outlet for patients to express their feelings about thyroid disease .”
  • Parent Your Parents: Wrote a wonderful review of Dear Thyroid. Parent your parents is a fantastic resource for Elder Care.
  • Let’s Share Dialog: “This past fall I connected with @dearthyroid on Twitter. You have to checkout the organization’s website. I’m still exploring it and enjoying it. The group is amazing; they offer a lot of support and information to those who are living with thyroid conditions. They epitomize sharing.”
  • Happy Goiter Friday, posted on Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat, gave Dear Thyroid a thyrific shout out. Here’s a sampling of Robin and Rebecca’s brilliance: “And if you’re on Twitter let’s see if we can get #happygoiterfriday to trend!
  • The Group Room Facilitating a Global Cancer Dialogue featured Dear Thyroid in their “Advocacy in Action, organizations…”
  • Do You Care What Caused Your Cancer? “The notion of writing a letter to a body part of mine has always given me the heebie-jeebies. It reminds me of the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes when the gals crack out mirrors and befriend their coochies. Not up my alley. But this request was different. It came from a fantastic website called Dear Thyroid, and there’s nothing cheesy or touchy feely about it: Two smart gals with thyroid disease toss out themes for reader rants that start with “Dear Thyroid… Yesterday they posted my letter called Thycotic…”  Kairol Rosenthal
  • Tuesday Night’s Open Social Media Conference Call Hosted by Mark Davidson and Linda Wyatt, invited Katie Schwartz to speak about Dear Thyroid, “Mark Davidson” Katie Schwartz of DearThyroid.com, Reaching Out to the Community of Thyroid Patients …
  • I Heart Guts: “I happen to love Halloween. Because I have Graves’ Opthalmopathy and I’m a sphere on mini-stilts (5’4), I am a walking costume. I can go to parties, if I choose to, as a pissed off Graves’ disease patient. Hilarious…
  • Robs, Wellsphere: “The blog is called Dear Thyroid; it was developed by Katie Schwarts and Liz Schau. It is a place where you get to a write a letter to your thyroid telling them what’s what. And it isn’t just about thyca patients, but all people that have thyroid problems. Lets face it, thyroids control so much, and a lot of raw emotion builds up when they go wrong…
  • Dear Thyroid: “Editor’s Choice Blog” via Blogville
  • From The Threads of Thyroid Tales, Anastasia Smith bravely wrote about her struggles with thyroid disease and included a lovely review about Dear Thyroid.
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