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Monday June 17th 2019


Our Team

Dear Thyroid’s volunteer editors are not only gifted writers and thyroid patients, they are generous and talented; striving to achieve a greater good. Collectively, they are the (columnist) voices of thyroid diseases and cancers. Individually, their voices are as unique as they are, as Dear Thyroid is. We love and appreciate them to bits and pieces.

Joanna Isbill is a thyroid cancer patient. Her twice monthly column “Life Redefined” is savvy, wickedly honest and dripping in subtext. Her column speaks to young adults dealing with thyroid cancer. Joanna provides us with the opportunity to learn more about the realities of a cancer diagnosis, living with thyroid cancer, post treatment issues, how to talk to someone with cancer, and address  fears and issues patients with thyroid cancer endure on an ongoing basis.

Melissa Travis is a patient with chronic autoimmune disorders and thyroid cancer. Her weekly column “Chronic Snarkopolist” is a gut wrenching, irreverent, funny, and brutally honest account of what it’s like to live with multiple diseases, how to fight them, find beauty along the way, and the financial, emotional and physical devastation served by managing all of this, and more.

Nicole Wells is a Graves Disease patient.  Her weekly column “Fat Thigh-roid Woes” chronicles life and disease management without insurance, the lengths she’s had to go through to get treatment, and the chaos Graves caused in her emotional and social support”.

Ann Glanders: Columnist is a Thyroid Cancer Patient. Her weekly column, “Dear Ann Glanders” is a Q&A for patients to ask about thyroid health, life, reinvention, managing disease, relationships and everything in between.

Please check out our archived columns for: Flying With Broken Wings (A Hashimoto’s and un-discussed thyroid diseases symptoms column) and How To Kick Your Thyroid’s Ass (A Thyroid Nutrition Column). Fat Thigh-roid Woes, a column about Graves’ disease, by Nicole Wells

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