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Patients Doctors

Below is a list of doctors recommended by thyroid patients. Dear Thyroid doesn’t endorse doctors, we leave that to thyroid patient advocates such as Mary Shomon, among others. However, patients with thyroid diseases and thyroid cancers have wonderful doctors. Because patients know what they seek treatment wise, we wanted an opportunity to share doctors that other patients have seen and endorse.

If you have a recommended provider that you’d like to see on this website, please post your doctor in comments (below) with their information and a blurb about why you enjoy working with that doctor.


Name: Dr. Bruce Sabin
Address: 1790 Presidential Circle Suite C
City/State: Snellville, GA 30078
Phone Number: 770-979-8022
Website: Dr. Sabin


Name: Insight Family Health Center
Address: 3175 Wrightsville Ave.
Location: Wilmington, NC 28403
Number: (910)763-1960
Fax: (910)763-1961
Email: info@insightfhc.com
Website: Insight Family Health Center

From the patient: “I see Kathy Mann, FNP.   She’s awesome & will work with you.   If she doesn’t know, she is not afraid to refer to ENT or Endocrine that embrace holistic medicine as well.   It is a practice of Nurse Practitioners & one Physician Assistant.   They focus on wellness, hormones, and weight loss.   They take most insurance as well which is always a plus!”


Doctor: Patricia Elliott ND
Specialty: Chronic Illness Specialist
Location: Bellingham, WA
Phone Number: 360-647-0228
Website: Elliot Health Care

From the patient: “I cannot imagine the road I would be on if I had not seen her. If I hadn’t found out about insulin resistance. I am feeling pretty darn good most of the time.


Name: Dr. Cindy Willbrand & Dr. Christian Wessling
Phone: 314-961-6631
Fax: 314-961-4796
emergency answering service for after hours emergencies:
Email: office@WebsterFP.com
Address: 7979 Big Bend
Location: Webster Groves, MO,   63119
Website: Webster Family Physicians, P.C.

From the patient: “Cindy Willbrand of Webster Family Physicians is wonderful. Also Dr. Christian Wessling there is up to date on thyroid protocols and natural thyroid hormone.”

Doctor: Robin Kundra
Address: 114 North Taylor
Location: St. Louis, MO,   63108
Phone: 314-534-8600
Fax: 314-652-8138
Website: Grant Medical Clinic

From the patient: “Dr. Kundra is a published,   Washington University trained doctor with priveleges at Barnes-Jewish. She is also well informed about the role of reverse t3, and has prescribed Cytomel…she’s more expensive, however, but I have to say she’s the best allopathic doctor I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a bunch before being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases.

Name: Dr. Susan Wang
Address: 60 Washington Ave
Location: Hamden, Ct. 06518
Phone 203 248 4362
No Website: Patient Grades

From the patient: “Listens well, explains things well, willing to try something a bit different, and also to explore the idea that if we can’t blame the thyroid for everything, then we should be figuring out what is to blame rather than just shrugging it off.  What I really liked is that she finally said that not all her patients are the same. Also told me to experiment carefully with my medication a bit and see if it helped. I felt that she and I had a partnership in trying to help me get even more better, rather than contenting herself with getting rid of the worst symptoms.

She has an associate, Dr. Lang. I have never met him but know one of his patients and also have spoken with others about him. They think very highly of him. I can’t give my own opinion.  Same phone and address.”

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Reader Feedback

105 Responses to “Patients Doctors”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Can anyone recommend a good Endocrinologist in the Kansas City area that is willing to test ALL of the thyroid hormones and is willing to prescribe desiccated thyroid as an alternative to T4 only medications? I’m hypo and my PCP is not listening to me and is only going by my TSH levels and not my symptoms. I’m so desperate to find out what is going on with my thyroid and I’m tired of playing the wait-and-see game with doctors. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Sarah S says:

    Thanks for sharing Teresa. I’ve seen Schade too and I wasn’t too happy either. I’m fairly stable myself so I have the luxury of being leisurely about trying to find a good doc, knock on wood I stay that way until I find a good doc. Please let me know when you decide on the support group here in ABQ love to hear others experiences in the city.

  3. Leslie Payne says:

    I am trying to find a caring doctor in the east texas area. I don’t really want to pick an endocrinologist willy nilly out of the phonebook. Thanks.

  4. Angela says:

    I am looking for an Endocrinologist that is willing to listen to my inner knowing, and work with me specifically on what will work for me. This for me is usually a balance of medical and alternative therapies. I have not had success with Doctors who treat the 90% population symptoms. I am very sensitive, and would like to get treatment for my specific needs and not be told I must be depressed. I live in La Crosse, WI. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to find the Doctor that will work in harmony with me?

  5. RaVen says:

    Living in Colorado, I got fed up with lack of honest local thyroid expert doctors who would not help me with my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and instead found a chiropractor from YouTube channel who studied from Dr K’s protocol.
    Dr Rommel Geronimo is from California and will give phone consultations for long distance patients and make you take a lot of high quality tests, follow a specific diet, and then after check ing your test results, provide you certain supplements. He does not accept insurance, but the money I put in was truly worth it. I have my life back now.
    I still have to take it easy because after feeling so sick for so long and exhausted, when I feel a surge of energy, which is more precious than gold, I want to conquer the world! 🙂

    In 6 months, I was finally pain free after he eliminated parasites, pin pointed my allergies or food sensitivities, and got my inflammation under control from a supplement that I cannot live without. Three years later, I still order supplements from his website’s store – so combined with my family doctor who accepts his advices — I have two doctors following my preferred health care approach. I now can work part time with an understanding company who is aware if I ever get a flare up, I can make up work on weekends.
    There is a way – you just have to keep hunting for the right cooperative doctors who is there for you and works with you, even if it means being out of state, with technology (emails, phone, faxes, mail), there is a loophole after all. Here is Rommel’s site: http://www.fecsd.com/

    Tell him that RaVen referred you to him! Best health to you all!
    RaVen Sequoia
    Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Survivor

  6. brenda says:

    Does anyone in the Cleveland, Ohio area know of a doctor who prescribes armour thyroid?

  7. Jean Kier says:

    I’ve been seeing Dr. William Spurlock in Dallas Tx. He is very knowledgeable with auto-immune diseases and thyroid. He is open to what you want to try with medicines. He found I had reverse T3 and cured me. I’ve been on compounded T3 alone and now Armour 200. Very good at listening and takes a long time with each patient. You see him once a year and then after 6 months a phone consultation. His staff is very friendly and always get right back with you.

  8. scorpio70 says:

    Hello. I am trying to find a doctor who will listen to me, care, and help me get answers to why I feel so bad. I believe its my thyroid but was tested three actually four times this year and it was different docs. It falls in there so called normal range so they wont dig and do anything. I am so frustrated and annoyed, I have been to so many docs to try and get just one to listen to me and help me. The last I was tested was about a month ago and my level was at a 1.0 at the low end of the scale. Several months back I was tested it and it was like at 1.36 so its dropped more. I really don’t feel well at all, tired of explaining myself and tired of ppl and doctors not believing me, even family members, its not all in my head and im not crazy, I really do feel all these things and its horrible and has ruined and is ruining my life. Here are some of the things I deal with every day 24/7 7 days a week, I am not crazy and tired of ppl saying so or thinking so, please help I am in Missouri and if anyone knows of any caring, understanding, compassionate doctor who wont stop til they get answers and will help me find out whats going on and get me well please help me. I just cant take this feeling this anymore. Here are some of the things I am dealing with: extreme fatigue, feeling drained and weak, moodiness, irrability, depression, brittle and hair falling out, achey bones, brain fog, my head and brain feeling swollen, face feels swollen and stays hot and red,inside of my ears stay hot, feels like im being choked and my airway cut off, tongue feels swollen and my taste has changed, my tongue burns when I brush my teeth cause of the toothpaste, regular foods I used to eat sometimes cause my tongue to burn, I have trouble concentrating, get confused a lot sometimes more than other times when it really acts up, hard to think right, feel like sometimes my motor skills are on slow,sinus pressure, I get headaches quite a bit, suffer from high cholesterol, and high blodd pressure issues, been treated for low vitamin d issues about 4 times in the past year and by diff doctors. They get it high but then it goes back low again, there has got to be a reason it does this, I get out in the sun a lot and mow grass, do weeds,swim all kinds of yard work so there has to be another cause. I am not sure whats going on if its vitamin deficiencies too and thyroid or mabey a gland, its hard to swallow a lot and I just don’t feel right at all, I feel really weird like I could pass out. I really get scared a lot on whats going on with me and get scared that im not gonna wake up one day or go into a coma cause sometimes when I wake up anymore in the mornings my head really feels odd like so much pressure and like my brains swollen and it wont wake up, its pretty scarey, once I stay awake after about a hour or so it gets a bit better but doesn’t totally go away, the brain fogs so horrible that the only way I can explain it is its like when your asleep and dreaming but im awake and like that. Anyway if anyone knows of any doctors that truly can help and go beyond test results and will fight for my answers and help me please let me know, like I said I am in Missouri, close to rolla Missouri, I can travel a hour or two from this area if I have to if its worth it and one that will truly help, so far ive been to so many who only help so far and then there done cause I fall in that normal level, ughh so dang frustrated , please help me im miserable!!!

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