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Comment Of The Day: June 18, 2010

Post Published: 18 June 2010
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Before we kick off today’s comments, I wanted to get a few things off my chest. Thanks for indulging me (Katie), by the way.

Collectively, for the past two-years, we have shared our stories via Dear Thyroid Letters, Comments, Rants, Raves and Literary contests. Together, we’ve laughed, cried, celebrated each other’s success, and caught each other when we fell—hard.

Every single one of you; your stories and columns shape the voice of Dear Thyroid. Each of you has the power to invoke change, AND HAVE. As a communally, our lives have improved, and hopefully we found some healing along the way. With every keystroke dancing across the keyboard to share more of yourselves, you become the change we need, to improve the care we receive, our personal lives, and so much more.

Our community is a testimony to medical professionals, the health community and anyone who will listen, WE HAVE A STORY TO TELL, and our stories, though unique, have a common thread that binds them.

Thank you. Please keep writing. Keep communicating. Keep sharing. Know that you are loved, appreciated and valued. Every emotion you feel and generously express, I thank you for.



Onto comments

To Be Clear, Thyroid, I Will Forgive You Today. But, Just For Today written by Georgia, is a beautiful Dear Thyroid letter about forgiveness, finding your way back to yourself and grief, among other things. I hope you’ll read it.

Here’s an excerpt: “In 2003, you led me on a cheerful chase.  Sure I had thyroid antibodies, but did I have Graves or Hashimoto’s?  You led me to endocrinologists who told me I was overweight, would get diabetes and die.  Those same endos told me not to worry about you…oh no, nothing to be done about you yet!  Shell shocked, I stopped perusing for an answer.  I changed.

Today’s comment…

HDinOregon says:


What a great letter!! You found the silver (though somewhat tarnished) lining in your thyroid misery, and so prevented much bigger harm. You have a wonderful fighting spirit! I hope that all your follow-ups come back clean and negative.

On the other I am again dismayed that yet another endo reinforced my stereotype of this particular medical branch. Calling you overweight and sending you packing is unfortunately all to common. When will they ever learn?

Again, thanks for writing it all down and sharing with us.

All the best to you!!

HD in Oregon

Fat Thigh-roid Woes: In a Fat Neck, Slim Lies, in another scathingly brilliant installation of “Fat Thigh-roid Woes, Nicole  served an entrée of laughs, hearty food for thought and a concept to consider, mind and body healing, to name a few.

Here is an excerpt of Nicole’s column. Please catch it, and read the comments, too. “Before I got sick, I wasn’t using my creative talents like I should’ve been.  I lived like that for years, and by the time Graves really progressed and my goiter was massive, it felt like a pair of hands were constantly around my neck, holding me down – and not in any sort of sexy way either.  I felt like I had no other options but to put everything off to the side while working for other people, and helping their passions come to life.”

Donna says:

Wow, you are using your creativity in a wonderful way. I believe in speaking my truth and find it very freeing and could care less if others think I am crazy, outspoken or whatever. I have to be a little selfish and do what makes me happy because I can’t depend on others to do that. Helping others makes me happy so that is a little selfish too. I make my own rules and answer to me first because I know my heart is in the right place. That does not mean I don’t care, it means that I want to surround myself with people that make me joyful and get it. The negative ones need to move aside, the judgemental ones have no place in my world. I also am on my way towards not putting those chemicals in our bodies. I figure at least my son will have a chance at a better life. Our food is the source of many illnesses, it has to be. We were meant to eat real food, not chemicals, and even the food coming from the ground does not necessarily have the stuff in it anymore because the soil has been depleted for so long of the minerals it use to give the food. I don’t have it perfected just yet, but I have started. My son loves the organic milk and is reading labels and getting grossed out as he should be. We will never do it 100% perfectly but whatever we do do will help us somehow. You got it going on girl and you will attract like minded people into your world who get it and the rest of them can keep moving, lol. Sad they had to go but who needs them really? Good luck. Keep writing, you are talented and funny!

On Facebook, MR provided a resource re: patient assistance for medication. I wanted to pass it along. “Forest Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer of Armour Thyroid, Thyrolar and Levothroid Thyroid has a patient assistance program for lower cost meds Forest Pharm. Thanks to Lori, if you don’t know about NeedyMeds.com, please check them out.

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