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Wednesday February 26th 2020



Dear Thyroid’s Submission Portfolio

Dear Thyroid celebrates Freedom of Speech save religion and politics. We want Dear Thyroid to be an open forum and a sanctuary for women, teens and men, to honestly discuss thyroid diseases and thyroid cancers, and how it affects them. Because of that, we choose not to edit the use of profanity. That means you can curse!  The words you choose in your Dear Thyroid Letters (written, audio and visual), and other Dear Thyroid literary submissions, including comments, etc. are words from your gut and heart and we encourage you to speak in language that is most comfortable for you. Our respective diseases invoke a range of emotions. Dear Thyroid is an ardent believer of empowering patients to write and speak about those emotions.

However, because Dear Thyroid’s focus is diseases and cancers of the thyroid, we want to make it clear that the use of the site to endorse or promote any personal religious or political beliefs, etc. is something we do not endorse. Those things are not our focus and in fact, can cause dissension amongst the thyhood we have all worked so hard to create.

Be honest and be yourselves and speak openly about your disease and without abandon. Let’s check our political and religious hats at the proverbial door.

What and How to Submit to Dear Thyroid

Dear Thyroid’s Submission Portfolio

  1. Dear Thyroid Patient Letters
  2. Dear Thyroid Video and Audio Letters
  3. Dear Thyroid Family Letters
  4. Thyrants
  5. Thylit Other, Thygraphs, Thyologisms, Thykus, Thysongs, Thyetry and more)
  6. Dear Thyroid Flickr Pool
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